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Laurel and Hardy dance to the Gap Band

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Hillary SoS official: 10:40 am EST; HRC and Gates

Obama Clinton Ohio

UPDATE 2: Excellent piece here by Politico, on HRC and Gates’ views based on an exchange b/w the two in 2006 confirmation hearings for Gates, a MUST READ..

Clinton: “Let me ask you, Dr. Gates, that in an oral history of the ’92 Gulf War produced by the PBS program ‘Frontline,’ you made some very definite points about how the military often overstates or even in your words, “’exaggerate the level of forces required to accomplish a specific objective.’ I’m concerned that’s precisely the attitude that we’ve heard from Secretary [Donald] Rumsfeld, former Deputy Secretary [Paul] Wolfowitz and others with regard to former Army Chief of Staff] Gen. [Eric] Shinseki’s recommendation and many in the uniformed military and civilian experts, who have consistently beat the drum that we don’t have enough troops, we never had enough troops.

“So therefore, how will you take that set of recommendations from your uniformed military on board and figure out how you’re going to assess it, given your previously stated position that it’s often exaggerated when we look at missions to accomplish?”


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Saturday Morning Cartoons : 1967/68 Shazzan! & Fantastic Four


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Friday Night Sci-Fi: Mighty Joe Young (1949)

mightyjoeyoung (more…)

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DOW pops on short trading day…

with 45 mins to the early closing bell, DOW is up 58, NAS down 9 and S&P up 3..

the 10 yr is at 2.96%..


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Addams Family Thanksgiving

Addams Family Values 1993 Barry Sonnenfeld Dir., Orion Pictures


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Happy Thanksgiving

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Dow Futures Down on Durable Goods..Home for the Holidays

UPDATE: 4:40 pm EST: Dow closed up 247, NAS up 67 to close over 1500 WOOHOO and S&P up 30.

Have a Happy Holiday!

DOW futures down sharply on the biggest drop in Durable Goods Orders in two years, down 6.2%.

A surprise pop in Personal Income up 0.3% is offset by the drop in Consumer Spending, down 1% in October

The first time Jobless Claims fell 14,000 to a moving avg of 529,000 last week…

The incoming Administration announces Paul Volcker will head up a new economic advisory panel and Austan ‘NAFTA’ Goolsbee will be the policy director of the panel…

Enjoy the Holiday!!

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