SciFi/Fantasy: True Blood, Legend of the Seeker, BSG Returns, Anite Blake update, the new Star Trek….

Tonight is the season finale of True Blood, the hit series based on the novels by Charlaine Harris. But don’t despair! SCIFI/Fantasy lovers have a plethora of entertainment awaiting them….

On the Fantasy front, there is a wonderful new series airing on broadcast television based on Terry Goodkind’s ‘Sword of Truth’ novels, Legend of the Seeker. Follow Richard and Kahlan as they fight against the corrupt empire of Darken Rahl…I have caught three episodes and thoroughly enjoyed them, the characters are true to the novels. (No surprise that friend to fantasy lovers everywhere Sam Raimi is behind this production.) Find it on your local channel at the website above and DVR this baby!

Anita Blake in Marvel Graphic Art form

Anita Blake in Marvel Graphic Art form

For those of us who have an attachment to vamps, weres and other assorted denizens of the night, Laurell K Hamilton has announced her bestselling Anita Blake series will soon be appearing on big or small screens around the nation:

….I have some big news! I’m not at liberty to give you all the juicy details just yet but I’m excited to announce that I have joined forces with a first class Writer, Producer and film studio. Yes, the rumors are true – a movie and a possible TV show based on the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter 16-book series is in the works. Stay tuned to this website for updates and details…

Twlight the first novel in the NYT best selling Stephanie Meyer series opened on the big screen this past Friday (giving the film the biggest opening ever for a female director.)

Fear not SciFi fans, you are not out in the cold…

Have you been lost without your BSG fix? I worries, it’s almost frakkin here!! BSG is back baby!

Check out BSGcasts’s Youtube Channel (and no it is not the BSG cast, just fellow fans!)

The final season of Battlestar Galactica returns Friday, January 16th. There will be 10 final episodes, followed by a 2 hour movie to air on SciFi and be released on DVD.

and Caprica is coming….

The spin off series Caprica will be under intense pressure to hold up to the original. I am rooting for them. I do not want to see this series end.

WHAT DOES William Shatner think of what J.J. Abrams said??

The new trek film, okay first I must come clean. I was very disappointed in many of the comments made by JJ Abrams on what seems to be a total lack of the proper uhm, reverence I suppose, for Gene Rodenberry. The way it comes off in his interview with Entertainment Weekly (warning spoilers), Abrams feels a total lack of connection to Gene and the history of the show, hopefully this isn’t the case.

trek-eq-coverSo this can go one of two ways. It can be a breakthrough and take off in a new direction. Or it can be a one off. A good, entertaining film, but without the connection to the greater weaving that is the Trek universe. That could be a Trek killer, and this franchise is certainly something that shouldn’t be left to die in a meaningless action packed film without the connections that Trek fans expect.  Of course, the thing that makes us Trek fans is that we come back. I don’t know if trading off our loyalty for a new young audience is the way to go. Can they create a balance and keep both groups happy?

Let’s hope it works. It certainly looks exciting in the clips.  Trek is more than an entertainment vehicle, it has survived for so long precisely because it speaks to something larger than entertainment. It speaks to the ideals of Gene Rodenberry, whom, for all the  perceived faults of the series’ he created, was attempting to create a vision for how we ‘could be’, what we could aspire to be as humanity, something beyond ourselves.

From the EW piece:

Trek presented Paramount and Abrams with a much heftier challenge: how to make this hunk of retro sci-fi cheese meaningful as mainstream entertainment, as relevant pop, as big business. ”Every studio in town is searching for these kinds of franchises, so it was important for us to reboot,” says Brad Weston, Paramount’s president of production. ”But we needed a clean, fresh take on this thing.”…His Trekker credentials? Nonexistent. ”I don’t think people even understand what Star Trek means anymore,” he says, sitting outside his editing suites at Paramount, sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with a cartoon question mark…(Abrams)feels no warm-fuzzy nostalgia about it. In fact, Abrams can sum up his regard for Trek in two words: Galaxy Quest, the 1999 hit starring Tim Allen that satirized Trek with painful precision. ”It’s so ridiculous, so accurate, so sophisticated, it spoils the Star Trek universe,” he says…..

Uh-huh, Okay J.J. be careful what you wish for. He has written a HUGE check with his mouth, let’s hope this film can cash it. And psst J.J.? What the hell is happening with LOST dude? Can you get us all off or on the island at some point so we can all get on with our lives?! The series returns Wednesday, January 21st.

Since the talented Simon Pegg is playing Scotty, we know there is at least one saving grace in the film. For me, Pegg can do no wrong. Okay we said Simon Pegg, time for gratuitous playing of Shaun of the Dead clips:

Rumours abound on possible future series for Trek under Rod Rodenberry’s production, Rod is the son of Gene and Majel.

For the record, my pickfor greatest Trek film? Wrath of Khan. My favorite of the series? TNG.

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  1. ginaswo replied:

    right on barbara! it’s sort of kewl that even having read these novels, we get a surprise as they meander through the plotline, adding characters and adapting the text :0)

    now if it had been one novel only and then they made the film, then we would likely get all pixxed if it werent ‘true’ to the novel, LOL, we have so much more room for them to get creative on us without us being disappointed since the series’ are so fully developed!!


  2. Barbara replied:

    Oh that’s just awesome because I love the Anita Blake series. I’m also enjoying Legend Of The Seeker too even with the changes although that always seems to happen.


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