Miracle on 34th Street and Market Update

UPDATE: 4:00pm EST: Markets close mixed, DOW up 37, NAS down 7, S&P up 5

With 90 mins of trading to go the DOW is down 139.55 to 8303.84; NAS down 38.25 and S&P down 14.

Methinks no one wants to go home for the holiday long these volatile and often traitorous markets..

Buck up! Santa will be here soon and the family will be together tomorrow:

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) Theatrical Trailer

20th Century Fox

Maureen O’Hara – Doris Walker
John Payne – Fred Gailey
Miracle on 34th Street

Edmund Gwenn – Kris Kringle
Gene Lockhart – Judge Henry X. Harper
Natalie Wood – Susan Walker
Porter Hall – Granville Sawyer
William Frawley – Charlie Halloran
Jerome Cowan – District Attorney (DA) Thomas Mara
Philip Tonge – Julian Shellhammer

Released through
Twentieth Century-Fox
Film Corporation

“You’ll Love Miracle on 35th Street”

It’s Hillarious!


Yes, and Groovey!

No kidding…
It’s a Good Picture!

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