Saturday Morning Cartoons : 1967/68 Shazzan! & Fantastic Four

Pull up your cereal bowl and box (and blanket)

From Shadowboro’s youtube channel:

Chuck and Nancy stop on an island to let Kaboobie get some rest. As it turns out, the island is inhabited by the Evil Hunter. He captures and hunts anyone that lands on his island. Will Shazzan be able to help them before it’s too late?

Shazzan! (1967-1969)

But no Saturday morning in 1968 would be complete without the commercials, provided by UncleCathode

More from Shadowbro

One by one the Fantastic Four are shrunk, and end up on a microscopic world whose inhabitants have been enslaved by the nefarious Dr. Doom. Together with the planet’s rightful rulers, the Fantastic Four try to stop Doom’s dreams of conquest.

Fantastic Four (1967)

Best resource on the intertubes for Saturday Morning cartoon fixes is TVparty

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  1. Mad Bluebird replied:

    Remember the one where SHZAN uses the potion to turn those two guys into birds so they would be the pets of some person


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