Hillary good to go for SoS, Senate reduces pay to 2007 levels…


Tonight the Senate voted to reduce the pay levels of the Secretary of State to those of January 2007, thereby applying the fix used once before to avoid a Constitutional bar under the Emoluments Clause for Senator Hillary Clinton to serve as SoS. The Clause prohibits legislators from holding a position for which they voted a salary increase in their term. This vote nulls that issue.

Politico has the scoop:

The Senate quickly and quietly approved a measure Wednesday evening that will help ensure Hillary Clinton becomes the next Secretary of State…By a voice vote, the chamber approved a resolution reducing the Secretary of State’s pay to its January 2007 level….After anticipated House passage, Clinton’s confirmation will be on track in the Senate for early next year….

Hooray for Madame Secretary!!! After the confirmation I am popping a bottle of bubbly..

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BSG Webisodes: The Face of the Enemy – Friday Noon EST….

Frakin awesome!


Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy

a 10 part Online Series – Starring Grace Park and Alessandro Juliani

Tune in Friday December 12 at noon EST.

The action continues with 10 exclusive webisodes of Battlestar Galactica. “The Face Of The Enemy”, picks up where Season Four of the series ended. Lieutenant Gaeta is sent off in a raptor with a handful of strangers when one of them mysteriously dies. The psychological Human vs. Cylon struggle ensues in the restrictive confines of a raptor as everyone is a suspect and paranoia sets in among the group. One by one more passengers die under puzzling circumstances and those remaining must ask themselves if a Cylon is responsible for the deaths, or if it is one of their own — a human.

Catch the Frak Up with BSG (Part1) courtesy of ddt73. This part of the Battlestar Galactica recap will catch you up to date till the premiere of season 4.0. To see the recap for season 4.0, please look for part 2.

Catch the Frak Up with BSG (Part 2). This part of the Battlestar Galactica recap will catch you up to date with season 4.0. If you want to see the recap for everything prior to season 4.0 please look for Part 1.

TV episodes resume Friday, January 16th at 10/9 C on SciFi channel…

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UPDATE: House passes bill..will Senate GOP filibuster?..TARP Hearing on the Hill

Final Update: 841pm EST:  219 Yeas, we have it (only needed simple majority of 218 to pass it). It has passed the House. The southern state GOP Senators are the force to be dealt with now. Not a coincidence, the foreign car makers are all located in the South…

Update 8:38pm EST: The House is voting right now, 213 yeas to 136 nays and 84 still to vote..it should pass the House. The hangup will be tomorrow in the Senate, Shelby R-AL seems to be determined to spearhead a filibuster, backed by Coburn and Ensign..Harry Reid needs to GROW A SPINE, Hillary can help him find one so we can GIT R DONE..

Update: 5:38 pm EST: See CNBC Video of Joel Kaplan WH Deputy Chief of Staff on Policy on Big 3 bailout deal reached b/w WH and Congressional Dems here

Update 5:25pm EST: The oversight report is out, it focuses on Treasury needing to verify how the banks are spending the money from TARP and if it is being loaned out-let’s put that one in the No Shxt Sherlock files shall we? And it questions WHY TREASURY WON’T IMPLEMENT SHEILA BAIR’S FDIC PLAN! YES! Also see the Forbes reporting on the GAO feedback…:

…The oversight panel believes the public has the right to know how financial institutions that have received public money are using that money,” according to a report produced by the Congressional Oversight Panel for Economic Stability. “It also believes that Treasury should be responsible for holding individual institutions accountable for how they use public’s money.”…


..Maloney added that lawmakers are considering introduction of legislation that would require Treasury to use $24.4 billion of the remaining bank bailout funds to employ Bair’s mortgage modification proposal. The measure would require Treasury to implement the mortgage modification package to gain congressional approval to use the remaining $350 billion in funds.

The report also calls on Treasury to provide details why it is opposed to a plan introduced by Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairwoman Sheila Bair that would use $24.4 billion of the bailout fund to assist lenders to modify mortgages as a plan to avert foreclosures

Update: clips of Kashkari attempting to defend the indefensible..in clip 4 he sounds like a Dr Seuss book: front foot, back foot, day foot, night foot..he cannot say if 30 million bonus is inappropriate executive compensation either…and GOP Rep. McCotter says he will try this defense on his wife next time they are lost without a map-HA HA!!If you can catch this hearing replayed on CSPAN later do so! Check the CSPAN library, they should have it up soon. The hearings are in overtime …

See opening testimony on CSPAN here


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Godfather II: Blagojevich as Fredo..

Godfather II (1974):

Fredo/Blago: I didn’t know it was going to be a wiretap, Barack. I swear to God I didn’t know it was going to be a wiretap. Adviser 1 bumped into me in Downers Grove and he said that he wanted to talk. He said that you and Candidate 5 were in on a big deal together and that there was something in it for me if I could help him out. He said that you were being tough on the negotiations but if they could get a little help they’d close the deal fast. It’d be good for the Combine…He said there was something in it for me on my own!

Michael/PEBO: I’ve always taken care of you, Blago.

Fredo/BLAGO : Taken care of me! You’re like my kid brother, you take care of me? Did ya ever think about that, huh? Did ya even once think about that? Send Blago off to do this! Send Blago off to do that! Let Blago take care of some Mickey Mouse highway bill somewhere! Send Blago to pick somebody up at the airport! I’m your senior in the Combine, Barack; and I was stepped over.

Mike/PEBO: It was the way the machine wanted it.

Fredo/Blago: It ain’t the way I wanted it! I can handle things; I’m smart. Not like everybody says like dumb; I’m smart, and I want respect!


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