Blago bust ’emissary’ revealed….

Yes, we now know who ‘the Emissary’ of the FBI Wiretap infamy is..

The Emissary

The Emissary

Yes that’s right, it is none other than Avery Brooks (actually Emissary IS the name of his fan club). Of course, I would’ve sent for Brooks when he was Hawk in Spenser for Hire to deal with Blago’s thugs too..

Here is the video confession:

When the EMISSARY gets busted, will he tell the jury it was for the safety of the Alpha Quadrant? Somehow it wouldn’t surprise me the way this thing is going..


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The Detroit News has it up. WH has responded:

…The White House said it was evaluating its options in light of the breakdown.

“It’s disappointing that Congress failed to act tonight,” a White House statement said. “We think the legislation we negotiated provided an opportunity to use funds already appropriated for automakers and presented the best chance to avoid a disorderly bankruptcy while ensuring taxpayer funds only go to firms whose stakeholders were prepared to make difficult decisions to become viable.”..

Tomorrow will be wild and crazy in the markets .. I am getting up bright and early to watch the global markets react and see the futures which I think should lead to a down open, anyone with sense sees this is a frakin disaster, why I thought a simple majority of Congress Critters could reason their way out of a wet paper bag I don’t know, I never learn….

11:20 pm EST:  After REIDS disgraceful self serving speech and thank you, in which he didnt even apologize for his failure, finally a voice of reason:

FINALLY, Barbara Boxer D-CA stands up and says no change was here tonight, the American people will see who stood with the middle class and who didn’t this crisis with the holiday we shouldve voted yes, unless Henry Paulson does the right thing… I am going to work as hard as I can to get the Treasury Secty to take action with these 3 million jobs that are on the line..we know Hank Paulson can save these jobs..if he can save all those jobs in the white collar industry certainly he can save some in the blue collar industry…. everyone knows I have had problems with Detroit, they didnt listen to us with fuel efficiency, but to lose our manufacturing base without even a helping hand to try and save it tonight is shocking, in closing I have a heavy heart right now, I have 200,000 workers in my state second only to Detroit that depend on thriving auto industry, I have a message Change is coming…people here for right reason to fight for middle class..(winding off now)

HERE WE GO: Everyone is waiting in the well….straggling votes coming makes me all nervy how the Senate doesnt have the count on the screen and we have to wait…DeMint votes no, wonder if he sees rioters out in the hall, frakin maroon CORKER votes AYE, Good for him!.. Corker votes no..Bond votes Aye. Reid of NV NO? WTF? HUH????they are laughing on the floor WTH? REID VOTED NO!!??!!!!!




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PEBO to talk Health Care, Hillary gets the Last Laugh…

As PEBO gets ready to talk health care and announce Daschle for HHS Secretary (10 mins to LIVE coverage); it is useful to review Hillary’s plan for universal coverage and cost-savings. I am hopeful they use this as a template. If we don’t start with a universal mandate we will not get there, and Max Baucus – D-MT, Chairman of the Senate Finance Cmte said this himself at a presser a few weeks ago, laying down his chips..

Ezra Klein spoke to Baucus at the convention about the mandate issue:

MB: Universal coverage, that’s one. Every American has health insurance.

EK: When you say universal coverage, do you mean universal access to coverage or literally ever American is guaranteed, either they have to get through an individual mandate or the government says you’ll have it or…?

MB: More than access. It’s there, it’s there. I’m not sure exactly what it is.

EK: So you need to take it a step further than the Obama campaign?

MB: Well I wouldn’t phrase it that way. He has an individual mandate for children, he doesn’t for others, but I don’t see how you can get meaningful universal coverage without a mandate. It’s pretty hard to get universal coverage without a mandate. You need the large pool to deal with preexisting conditions. It’s very hard to get to meaningful universal coverage without a mandate.

Yes Max it certainly is, and that is why millions of us supported Hillary and found this a STARK contrast in the Obama and Clinton plans…


Here is Baucus’ plan on his website which has a banner calling for action, he is serious about the mandate, hooray!:


It is the duty of the next President and the next Congress to reform America’s health care system. In 2009, Congress must take up and act on meaningful health reform legislation that achieves universal coverage while also addressing the underlying problems in our health system. The urgency of this task has become undeniable….

The white paper from Baucus is 98 pages long and the pdf can be found here.

“Once affordable, high-quality, and meaningful health insurance options are available to all Americans through their employers or through the Exchange, individuals would have a responsibility to have health coverage. This step is necessary for insurance market reforms to function properly and to end the cost shifting that occurs within the system. It is expected that the vast majority of American employers would continue to provide coverage as a competitive benefit to attract employees. Except for small firms, employers that choose otherwise must contribute to a fund that would help cover those who remain uninsured.”

PEBO and Daschle seem to be ahead of the pundits talking down the health care plan and have prepared for duel fronts of action, WSJ, which has had an ongoing editorial page battle with Baucus about their coverage of his plans, reports:

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle is being named to duel posts this morning: secretary of health and human services, and head of a new White House office on health reform, giving him a prominent perch for a major push for health care legislation. For Daschle, the double duty is meant to avoid the scenario that unfolded in the Clinton administration, where the White House took the lead on health reform and left Donna Shalala, who was HHS secretary, largely on the sidelines.

Many of the groups that fought Hillary’s plan in 93 are now on board much to the chagrin of the WSJ Editorial Page:

…They may succeed, which is no surprise given that many corporations would be only too happy to dump their health liabilities on the government. The “Divided We Fail” coalition, which advocates “universal” coverage, includes not only usual suspects like unions and AARP but also the Business Roundtable and the National Federation of Independent Business, the small-business lobby that led the charge against HillaryCare…..


…This mentality is nicely captured by Tom Daschle, the former Senate Majority Leader who Barack Obama has tapped to run Health and Human Services. “I think that ideological differences and disputes over policy weren’t really to blame,” he writes of 1994 in his book “Critical,” published earlier this year. Despite “a general agreement on basic reform principles,” the Clintons botched the political timing by focusing on the budget, trade and other priorities before HillaryCare.

President-elect Obama will not make the same mistake. Congressional Democrats are already deep into the legislative weeds, while Mr. Daschle is organizing the interest groups and a grassroots lobbying effort. Mr. Obama may be gesturing at a more centrist direction in economics and national security, but health care is where he seems bent on pleasing the political left….

Hillary’s plan (see after the jump)  sounds just like Baucus’ plan, methinks our Hillary has had the last laugh, PEBO will have to fight Baucus to keep out the mandate he fought through the primary..and I could not be happier..

APTOPIX Democrats Unions

Hillary’s plan as presented at George Washington University in May of 2007:


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Memo to PEBO: Keep Patrick Fitzgerald…..


I nominate Fitz to be our ‘guardian angel’ for the incoming Administration. Our very own Eliot Ness looking out for us and ensuring the Chicago Combine doesn’t go national. We need him. He has been a personal hero of mine since he handled the 93 WTC bombings. I only wish he were our attorney general….

From WaPo:  Fitzgerald was appointed U.S. attorney by President Bush, but he is a political independent. Obama could retain Fitzgerald, lending an element of continuity to the Blagojevich case and insulating himself somewhat from accusations that he is seeking to remove a dogged prosecutor from a case targeting Illinois Democrats..

Yes it would look bad to have him step down when PEBO comes in. It would look bad, very very bad. So let’s not do that. Instead let’s keep Fitz “to waaatch over we”…. I am relieved beyond words Blago is caught and Fitz was able to break this to the public before PEBO came in and had him step down. I think with Fitz around as a deterrent any Chicago pay to play BS will stay far far away from our WH…happy dance…

Fitz’s CV:

Patrick J. Fitzgerald began serving as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois on September 1, 2001. The United States Senate confirmed his nomination by unanimous consent and President Bush signed his commission on October 29, 2001.

Mr. Fitzgerald served on the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee from 2001-2005 and was Chair of the sub-committee on terrorism. He is also a member of the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force. In December 2003, he was named Special Counsel to investigate the alleged disclosure of the identity of a purported employee of the Central Intelligence Agency.

As U.S. Attorney, Mr. Fitzgerald serves as the district’s top federal law enforcement official. He manages of staff of more than 300 employees, including approximately 161 Assistant U.S. Attorneys, who handle civil litigation and criminal investigations and prosecutions involving public corruption, narcotics trafficking, violent crime, white-collar fraud and other federal crimes. The Northern District of Illinois covers 18 northern Illinois counties across the top tier of the state, with a population of approximately nine million people. The district has a branch office in Rockford staffed by seven attorneys.

During the last four years, Mr. Fitzgerald has provided leadership and played a personal role in many significant investigations involving terrorism financing, public corruption, corporate fraud, and violent crime, including narcotics and gang prosecutions.

In Chicago, Mr. Fitzgerald has supervised the continuing public corruption investigation known as Operation Safe Road, which began in 1998, and which resulted in the convictions of approximately 73 defendants, including more than 30 public employees and officials. Since January 2004, he has overseen an investigation of the City of Chicago’s Hired Truck Program in which three dozen defendants have been charged, including approximately 20 current or former city employees, and two dozen defendants have been convicted. Mr. Fitzgerald has also committed himself personally to the implementation of Project Safe Neighborhoods as part of a concerted effort with the Chicago Police Department and other state and federal law enforcement agencies to reduce gun violence.


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