Blago bust ’emissary’ revealed….

Yes, we now know who ‘the Emissary’ of the FBI Wiretap infamy is..

The Emissary

The Emissary

Yes that’s right, it is none other than Avery Brooks (actually Emissary IS the name of his fan club). Of course, I would’ve sent for Brooks when he was Hawk in Spenser for Hire to deal with Blago’s thugs too..

Here is the video confession:

When the EMISSARY gets busted, will he tell the jury it was for the safety of the Alpha Quadrant? Somehow it wouldn’t surprise me the way this thing is going..

The Trekkers (a far cry from Trekkies thank you very much) knew where to go to get the dirt and find out WTH is going on. The FBI didn’t even need a wiretap, we have a quicker way. Where do you go when you need information and you have credits to spare?..To the Adviser….

The Adviser

The Adviser

Yes of course, where else but to a Ferengi..Quark would sell his large lobed mother to avoid a day in detention, not unlike certain Chicago businessmen who shall remain nameless (until the indictments are released).

The two-part episode aired in is the name of the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  173 episodes aired from 1993-1999 and won 3 Emmys, (I stopped watching after Dax was killed, How many lovers does Worf have to lose for Gawd’s sake!!) Copyright Paramount Television & Paramount Pictures.

Speaking of Worf’s lovers being killed there was ANOTHER Trek Emissary episode, in ST:TNG. In that episode Worf’s former lover was the Emissary sent to Enterprise to help negotiate a treaty..that doesn’t end well for him either…

Yes it is ALL coming together now, look at this:

…Sisko heads to the surface of Bajor to meet with Kai Opaka, the spiritual leader of the Bajoran people. Kai Opaka prophesizes that Sisko will become the Emissary, a messianic figure of the Bajoran religion, and shows him the Orb of Prophecy and Change

Life is imitating Trek again…

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