Twofer Tuesday: Twisted Sister (w/Lita Ford): Heavy Metal Christmas & I’ll Be Home for Christmas

For My Baby Girl:

Twisted Sister’s Christmas Hit “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” featuring Lita Ford. Courtesy of twistedsstr:


To see more Twisted Sister videos from A Twisted Christmas, check out the official YouTube Page:

Purchase the CD or DVD at MusicSpace:… or download the album from iTunes:…

(Heavy Metal Christmas courtesy of TeeWing)

On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,
12 silver crosses
11 black mascaras
10 pairs of platforms
9 tattered t-shirts
8 pentagrams
7 leather jackets
6 cans of hairspray
5 skull earrings
4 quarts of Jack
3 studded belts
2 pairs of spandex pants
and a tattoo of Ozzy!


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