Update: Bobby Rush appears at presser and endorses the appt…Blago appoints IL AG Roland Burris to PEBO Senate seat…

Update: Pat Quinn Lt Gov now having presser saying it is wrong for Blago to fill the seat, HA! This would be funny were it not so ridiculous….rolandburris

Update 2: 38 pm EST: The Chicago press is going after Burris on every conceivable level as to what relationships he, his firm, associates et al had or have or have benefited from with Blago…ahhh Blago saying the law REQUIRES him to appoint in the absence of any other law that enables the people to elect a Senator, HA HA!!  He puts it clearly on them, yep…(the state legislature, ie DEMS who blocked a special election attempt by GOP)

Congressman Bobby Rush is coming to the stage!!! He endorses the appt and thanks God for it…Rush says he prayed that another African American would be appointed, he thanks God and asks the press not to hang or lynch the appointee as they try to castigate the appointor..oh yeah Reid is gonna buckle like the wet paper bag he is, yep. Welcome Senator Burris.

UPDATE: FOX will carry news conference LIVE here in two hours….gee ya think this is why Fitz was ready to release some of the wiretap tapes pre indictment? to get Blago impeached and stop an appointment by a criminal? tsk tsk Illinois Dems really blew this one IMO…they should’ve had the special election…..

ahh the audacity of these Chi town pols!

News conference by Blago at 3:00pm EST…

Chicago Tribune has the developing story..

Shortly after Obama’s Nov. 4 victory, Burris made known his interest in an appointment to the Senate but was never seriously considered, according to Blagojevich insiders. But in the days following Blagojevich’s arrest, and despite questions over the taint of a Senate appointment, Burris stepped up his efforts to win the governor’s support.

Though he is 71, Burris has said that Obama’s replacement should be able to win re-election and he has noted that despite a string of primary losses in races ranging from Chicago mayor to governor and U.S. senator, he’s never lost to a Republican.


Burris became the first African-American to win statewide office in 1978, when he won the first of his three terms as comptroller. But Burris repeatedly stalled in his quest for bigger political office. He failed in three consecutive runs for governor–1994, 1998 and 2002, when he ran against Blagojevich–in the Democratic primaries.

I think Blago is calling Harry Reid’s bluff that the US Senate would refuse to seat anyone he appointed. Burris is a well-known Democrat of color in a city that had insisted the PEBO replacement be just that, a well known Democratic male of color (I didn’t see a single WOMAN of color mentioned in press reports as a candidate for the seat, which is IMO reprehensible)..Burris is the first man of color to be elected to office in Chicago and is NOT a part of the Blago machine…methinks Reid can’t say no….and WTH were the Illinois DEMS in the State House thinking to not bar the appointment..just sickening, they didn’t want a special election to avoid GOP replacement..schmucks, sorry but there it is…

Here is one for these Audacious Pols..RAZZLE DAZZLE ‘EM!!!!!!

In other good news Gov Paterson is still having interviews with potential replacements for Hillary’s seat, and many of these people have ACTUAL EXPERIENCE and can complete a sentence without a parade of ‘you know’s..always nice ain’t it? ACE HQ has the scoop….

Hey the markets are up today, in DENIAL, HA! Ignoring the lowest conswumer confidence number EVAH! and the largest drop in housing prices EVAH! as reported in the Case-Schiller index, (more on that later…)

Blago as Fredo and PEBO as Mikey Corleone

Blago as Fredo and PEBO as Mikey Corleone

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