Interview with a Vampire Slayer: Laurell K. Hamilton on latest Anita Blake: ‘Skin Trade’…

Anita Blake in Marvel Graphic Art form

Anita Blake in Marvel Graphic Art form

The latest Anita Blake novel ‘Skin Trade’ is set for tentative release on June 2, 2009..

Laurell has a wonderful in-depth interview with Aimee Levitt of the River Front Times here for any Anita Blake/Merry Gentry fans who may have missed it:

“Well,” she says finally, “the new book is called Skin Trade and it begins with Anita getting a severed head on her desk. I can’t decide if it comes through the postal service or FedEx. Can you send body parts through FedEx in this country? Anyway, it’s an invitation to Vegas.”

Anita, of course, is Anita Blake, the St. Louis-based vampire hunter who is the star of 16 of Hamilton’s 26 books and an old friend to most of the crowd here tonight.


It took “two years and 200 rejections” before Hamilton sold Guilty Pleasures to Penguin Putnam. “Everyone loved it, but no one knew what to do with it,” she remembers. “The horror publishers thought I should try to sell it to the science-fiction or fantasy publishers, and the science-fiction publishers thought I should try the mystery publishers. From the moment it came out, it was a slow build, not a blockbuster.”

“Robert Frost said a poem is like an ice cube on a hot stove,” Hamilton says. “It has its own momentum.” The same is true of Anita Blake. Author and character frequently clash when Anita refuses to go along with a planned plot development. “Anita always surprises me,” says Hamilton. “I’ve learned to take my bets off the table.”…

“If a character is alive and real enough to argue with me,” Hamilton says, “I figure it’s their life, not mine. I get pissy, though, if they throw off my book plot.” …

…Anita doesn’t depend on her vampire lover to rescue her from tight situations. She’s small but tough, foul-mouthed, and she always packs a pistol and a wisecrack. In the later books of the series, she has a lot of vividly described sex with a dazzling array of lovers — eleven at last count — including vampires, wereleopards and a werewolf…


…I’ve lost track of the number of people who’ve told me they got out of an abusive relationship because Anita wouldn’t take it,” Hamilton says. “Women don’t understand they don’t have to be victims. It shocked me. I was raised to be strong to survive. I didn’t realize people were so hungry for someone to tell them how to be strong.”

Back at the wolf sanctuary, Hamilton obligingly chats with fans, signs their books, poses for pictures and agrees to join a ghost-hunting society. She has helped raised more than $3,000 for the wolves, all in all a good night’s work…

Be sure to visit Laurell on her blog…and please visit the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center…



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