HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Times Square…’Imagine’ / Ball Drop…

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Happy New Year!! Hong Kong Fireworks HD…

courtesy of FabregasF1

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2009 MiM economic forecast: “Bearish” & the Rant heard round the world

and our FAVORITE and MOST HONEST moment on television of 2007, which told us all we needed to know about how trading in 2008 would go down:

and then Jim again gave us a heads-up; he told all and sundry, any assets you need liquid w/in 5 years, get out now, take safety, take cover, protect yourself, in October 2008. Thank you Jim.

BOOYAH CRAMER, WE LOVES YA!!!!! Stick with us Jim, cause we’re stickin’ with Cramer!!!!

From the sardonic geniuses at Versusplus, the only thing that has changed is the price of oil, we are still Bears in 09:

A musical parody of the Terry Kirkman song “Cherish,” about the turmoil in the financial markets and the prospects of a recession. For “BEARISH” and many more great political musical parodies, visit VERSUS — where politics and culture do their time in rhyme — at http://versusplus.com.

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New Year’s with The King…..

Courtesy of Galoport, go watch the other clips, The King is at his best rockin hard….I still miss the King….

Songs: Hurt (with reprise and bombastic ending)Hound dog/Are you lonesome tonight Reconsider baby (complete Elvis on acoustic guitar)
Little Sister/Cant help falling in love Exit Karate Demo!

In the last days of 1976 Elvis Presley started a 5 days tour from 27 to 31 of December.
It began in Wichita, Ks (27), Dallas, Tx (28), Birmingham, Al (29), Atlanta (Ge) (30) and ended in Pittsburgh (Pa), for a new years eve concert!

Now, over 30 years passed those concerts are mythical!

Not only those were, by far, Elvis best tour from 1976, but those concerts showed the King in a Top From, and are ranked among his best 25 concerts from 1971 to 1977.


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Let’s do the Time Warp Agaaaaaain!!!

and Disney style-Alice knows how to Time Warp….

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UPDATE!!! Webisodes 8 and 10 view now, wiki-wiki!! BSG Webisode 7: The Face of the Enemy, Noon EST..

OM- frakin- goodness, watch these quick!! Webisode 9 didn’t make it out….

Many Bothans perished to get us these Webisodes early so WATCH THEM NOW!!

Copyright SciFi…

Webisode 8

Webisode 10

Webisode 7 airs today at noon


If you have been following the clues on YouWillKnowtheTruth.com, the most recent clue, (an audio clip of Gaeta and Baltar) sounds as though Lt Felix Gaeta will play a key role in the last 10 episodes that air on SciFi beginning January 16th…

Go listen to the most recent clue and see what you think…


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Happy New Year!!! Big Dawg & Hillary to ring in New Year in Times Square…

Some of us at MiM are unabashed Clinton kool aid drinkers, a-hem. Some of us sigh bravely when a Clinton makes a speech because we know we will hear how glorious it was for days…and they are really really good and all of us here did do really really well with Big Dawg in office, and Hillary does know everything about everything or will find out if she doesn’t, a good quality in leadership…’you know’? ….

APTOPIX Democrats Unions


With the news Hillary and Bill are ringing in the New Year live in Times Square we expect to hear a lot of singing around here for the next few days…God Bless Everyone, Have a Healthy, Happy New Year!!!


*******You BETCHA We’ll be singing!!!!!********

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