UPDATE!!! Webisodes 8 and 10 view now, wiki-wiki!! BSG Webisode 7: The Face of the Enemy, Noon EST..

OM- frakin- goodness, watch these quick!! Webisode 9 didn’t make it out….

Many Bothans perished to get us these Webisodes early so WATCH THEM NOW!!

Copyright SciFi…

Webisode 8

Webisode 10

Webisode 7 airs today at noon


If you have been following the clues on YouWillKnowtheTruth.com, the most recent clue, (an audio clip of Gaeta and Baltar) sounds as though Lt Felix Gaeta will play a key role in the last 10 episodes that air on SciFi beginning January 16th…

Go listen to the most recent clue and see what you think…


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