Update: Burris atty letter to Senate…Sun-Times reports Reid called Blago to put kaibosh on Jones, Jesse Jr or Davis for PEBO seat…


Update 2: Sunday, 9:00pm : BTD reports that Reid on MTP called Blago a liar and said he never made these calls and naysayed these three candidates. Well we know we have tapes. Knowing Reid’s complete tone deafness I think he said it, I don’t think he is a racist I think he is a classist, and a fool. I can’t wait to hear the tapes, the Senate trial for Blago in IL should be hillyarious!

UPDATE: Saturday, 1:00pm EST: Ben Smith has the .pdf of the letter sent by Burris’ counsel informing Reid, Durbin and Feinstein (as head of Rules Cmte) of his appointment and intention to join the Congress next week:

“I write to ensure his smooth transition,” writes Timothy Wright III, the lawyer, citing Marbury v. Madison as precedent, a case in President Thomas Jefferson tried to stop appointments made by his predecessor, John Adams.

“Since the U.S. Supreme Court decided Marbury v. Madison over 200 years ago, the law of the land has been that an appointment is complete and irrevocable once the last act required by the person vested with the appointment power is performed,” Wright argues.

Attached are the acknowledgment by the IL SoS office that Blago’s appointment of Burris HAS BEEN ENTERED INTO THE REGISTER BY THE SoS OFFICE..despite the refusal of White to countersign the appointment letter itself. The firm cites Marbury v Madison and the 17th Amendment as controlling.

I still think Burris is entitled to be seated. The IL state legislature FAILED MISERABLY in its duty to act. They failed to enact a special election, they failed to strip the Governor of the ability to appoint, they failed to impeach him for years now, THEY FAILED.

Done, they had their chance. This is a legally binding appointment that was made by a sitting Governor, who has NOT been indicted or impeached at the time of appointment and nothing in the appointment is suspect.

Once again we say it is FOOLHARDY, RASH, RECKLESS and frankly DANGEROUS to set a precedent under which the Senate takes upon itself the right to block or delay the seating of a duly appointed or elected Senator.


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Sometimes you just gotta say…what the frak! This is London Calling….and they’re all drunk….

Newcastle Reveller (photo North News & Pictures)

Newcastle Reveller (photo North News & Pictures)

I would suggest that the government of England introduce its citizens to saying/yelling ‘frak’ as a stress reliever, they seem to have an uhmmm…. aggression problem…

From ACE HQ, (looks like my dreams of retiring to England for a full pension someday are ‘up in smoke’ (or perhaps if they smoked instead of drank they wouldn’t be eh?, can we send Cheech and Chong on a humanitarian mission?):

From the Times:

Ambulance control centres reported receiving 999 calls as often as once every seven seconds – the second highest volume of calls since the Millennium – as binge drinkers turned nasty in the freezing temperatures.

Many of the calls related either to alcohol-fuelled assaults or excessive drunkenness.

Booze contributed to time-wasting calls to 999 operators too, with one man calling to ask if New York was in America, and what time it was there.
Elsewhere, while large numbers were ferried to hospitals, in some areas injuries were treated by paramedics in ‘booze buses’ to leave ambulances free for more serious emergencies.

In Essex, so many drunk people were arrested that all 200 of the constabulary’s cells were filled, and overflow revellers had to be shipped to neighbouring Kent to be held for the night…

ACE nails it, again:

If I can make a quick point: Europe forever flatters itself by contrasting itself — erudite, educated, prosperous, well-mannered, bourgeois — with America — drunken, stupid, fat, loud, obnoxious, and ill-informed….

Unlike the lower classes in Europe, whose idea of travel is hopping the ferry to start a drunken, blood-and-vomit-spraying riot in another nation’s soccer stadium.

The difference, apparently, is that the American lower classes believe they can prosper if they work and save — and they do so prosper — unlike the lower classes of Europe, which know they have, as the Sex Pistols sang, No Future. So why not spend virtually every night getting slosh-drunk at the pub?….

Exactly.  Next time London is Calling, I may let the machine get it..Yes these are the people who pulled the Mayflower over b/c they ran out of beer all right….


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