Update: Video Added: Burris at airport: “I AM the Jr Senator from Illinois”

Burris just had an on the spot presser at the airport. He said 5 times, “I AM the Junior Senator of Illinois”. He is on his way to present himself to the Congress tomorrow.


When asked if he would promise to not run in 2010, he said he would not negotiate in the press. Here at MiM we still expect Burris to get his seat and Reid to cave.

Reid never should have said he would block Burris to begin with. Blago is not indicted and not impeached and if Reid chooses a legal showdown I think they will lose the unplayed card for the future,.

I do not believe the Senate has the power to selectively choose whom to seat. If they are appointed or elected according to their state constitution, and they meet the eligibility requirements, they ARE the Senator. And glad we are that it is so, We do NOT EVER want people like Reid or the GOP leader McConnell to have the power to unseat a duly elected/appointed representative of the people.

Had the state legislature wanted to stop this charade they should have faced the music and had a special election.

Here is the rousing welcome of Burris by his future constituents last night via AP:

AP: Dozens of black leaders and ministers organized by U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush gave Illinois Senate appointee Roland Burris a rousing send-off Sunday at New Covenant Church on Chicago’s South Side. (Jan. 5)

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  3. Bill Cash replied:

    Interesting points and ideas.


  4. Robert Donat replied:

    I don’t care if *I* was chosen to be the ‘Junior Senator from Illinois,’ I still wouldn’t accept amid this cluster of bad air. Burris knows how to play Chicago politics. After all, he *is* the Jr Senator from IL. 😉


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