Update: Video: Full House: a Royal Flush…aww Big Dawg, G.H.W. Bush, Dubyah and PEBO at Oval…

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Update: ABC covers the meeting:

“I think [what] we all share is that we want you to succeed. Whether we’re Democrat or Republican, we care deeply about this country. And to the extent we can, we look forward to sharing our experiences with you,” President Bush said.

“All of us who have served in this office understand that the office itself transcends the individual — and we wish you all the very best,” the outgoing president said.

Obama met with Bush for half an hour before sitting down with former presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, without any staff present.

It makes me tear up it really does, and I am not a fan of several of these men. Awww, I love America. God Bless America and our leaders, who, regardless of our opinions of their views or policies, surely we agree these men have always, always done what they felt in their hearts would keep America and her people safe.

Jake Tapper report yesterday:

This will be the first meeting at the White House for all living former presidents, President Bush and President-elect Obama.  The last time Bush and the former presidents were together was Jan. 2, 2007, for former President Gerald Ford’s funeral.

Blub blub..

oh Carter was there too, he stood with a gap b/w he and Big Dawg so he kept getting cut out of the shot. I loved seeing Big Dawg and Dubyah chat, it made my heart warmer toward Dubyah. Big Dawg does that to me :0)

Also I am ever so much more comfortable and cheerful even when I see G HW Bush now, I feel warm toward him post the Tsunami aid relief and other work he did with Big Dawg. See there is that Big Dawg factor again, LOL

This is Mrs. MiM blogging BTW, HA!

i’ll post vid and pics as soon as they hit the wires…

For the fans of film, Kate Smith and Irving Berlin, here is the original clip (with another POTUS, Ronald Regan!):

Courtesy of moviefan:

Kate Smith’s titanic delivery of Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” launches a patriotic montage featuring Ronald Reagan and many more in the Technicolor wartime musical This Is the Army, 1943.


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