I miss Big Dawg: President Clinton

seeing Big Dawg in the Oval makes me miss him all the more..

Here is Big Dawg telling it like it is (I have read all too many conservative blogs, one as recently as yesterday,l revisiting the MYTH that Big Dawg didn’t go after OBL. One possible thought on PEBO’s call to put in a political loyalist as CIA chief may be that he wants to ensure he gets the go ahead for any actions he wants to take, which of course scares me, but I am a moderate…):

Courtesy of luckycleareyes:

President Bill Clinton goes on FOX NEWS for an open interview with slanted journalist Chris Wallace. (Imagine Bush doing this?)

And Wallace goes right with the Right Wing echo chamber lie that Al Qaeda is Bill Clinton’s fault. Clinton just destroys Wallace and does a great job!

Another black eye for the main propaganda outlet of the Bush Administration, and they’re trying to spin it the other way! Classic!

January 7, 2009. Tags: , , , . Politics.

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