In Support of Carolyn Maloney for NY Senate, Part Two…

As we approach Hillary’s confirmation hearing next week, and the subsequent appointment of a replacement to fulfill her term as the Junior Senator of NY, let’s see what the fabulous Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) has been up to the past few weeks, to get a further view of how very qualified and ready she is for this very important role. She is a worker and a fighter, and we have never seen her rest on her laurels.

She IS campaigning for the spot, quietly, with the people directly…


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Barney Frank new TARP legislation…REAL Help for Homeowners-FINALLY!

View full presser on CSPAN here

From Bloomberg:

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank today proposed legislation setting terms for releasing the remaining $350 billion of financial-rescue funds, seeking as much as $100 billion to stem foreclosures.

Frank’s measure, reflecting lawmakers’ criticism over how the first half of the $700 billion rescue fund was used by President George W. Bush, would require President-elect Barack Obama’s Treasury Department to develop a foreclosure-prevention plan by March 15 and put it in place by April 1.

From the legislation, H.R. 384, the highlights from the FT:

Among the proposals: tougher executive compensation restrictions on companies accepting Tarp funds and bans on corporate jets and other perks.

“[What] I’m going to tell the banks is, ‘look, you don’t like these [conditions] but would you rather have no $350bn?’ ” Mr Frank told reporters.

The bill would also widen access to the remaining $350bn of Tarp funds beyond the big Wall Street institutions that dominated the first tranche.

A “significant” share would be directed at homeowners facing foreclosure, while local governments, real estate companies and car dealers would also receive help.

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BSG:Prop Auction Jan 17th-18th….

Prop auction info on second clip, but first….B-A-T-T-L-E!!!!

Courtesy of apollo967:

War.. Battle scenes from the tv show Battlestar Galactica. Footage from the second and third seasons and episodes Pegasus, Ressurection Ship Parts 1 and 2, Exodus, Shattered and clips from Battlestar Galactica Razor.

from AuctionNetwork

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Jesse White saves Reid’s bacon…gives Harry yet another way out…

The IL SoS has gone ahead and signed ‘a certification’ . Not ‘the cert’, the one Blago signed that Harry has been whining about,  but ‘a’  certification that he, AG Madigan and the IL SC said did not need to be signed.

It has been sent to Reid, who is claiming the Senate legal experts are reviewing it…

(This is L’amours in Brooklyn, one of MiM’s old stomping grounds, ahhh those were the days, lol…courtesy of MaxBonesBlack)

From Politico:

“The Senate Parliamentarian, the Secretary of the Senate and Senate Legal Counsel are advising Senate Leadership as we consider a way forward,” said Jim Manley, Reid’s spokesman, on Friday evening.

This latest development gives Democrats a way out of a sticky situation. The Illinois Supreme Court said White does not need to sign the appointment papers even though the Senate requires him to get White’s signature before he can assume office. White has refused to sign the document, but signed the Jan. 9 certificate and plans to send it to the Senate along with Burris’ appointment papers.

Immediately after the court ruling, Burris declared victory and said it would lead to his appointment to the Senate.

“I am very happy that the Supreme Court ruled supporting our argument that everything surrounding this appointment was legal and complete,” Burris said in a statement. “This appointment meets the qualifications required by the U.S. Senate of all gubernatorial appointees to fill vacated seats.”

White responded by declaring that he was not going to sign anything and claimed vindicated that the Illinois Supreme Court doesn’t think he has to do so.


Yet White later decided to sign a separate declaration affirming Burris’ appointment. (MiM here, think he got a ‘call’ from Senate ? uhm yeah )

Word to Harry, take this last best chance at saving face and get over yourself already…

Irrespective of whether it is signed, MiM and many legal opinionators of note theorize that SCOTUS would easily knock down Reid’s paltry claims of tradition and their ROOL. As IL SC noted in their ruling yesterday, the Senate ROOL II says nada about a signature and even if it did, the Senate has ZERO power to enforce arbitrary roolz on the states which have the protection of the Constitution on appointing/electing their representatives to the Congress..

And no, appoint/elect makes no difference….if we weren’t in such trying times I would LURB for Reid to stick his neck out just a wee a bit farther and give us the smack-down from SCOTUS that would end this BS once and for all so they NEVER EVER try to exceed their authority this way again..but alas times are exceedingly tough and as MiM has said from the get-go the people of Illinois DESERVE FULL REPRESENTATION….

Suck it up and walk it off Harry, you have bungled once again, and White has given you ANOTHER out, take it.

One more time, Harry Reid cannot fight his way out of a wet paper bag. We need a new leader, preferably one with cojones, I would suggest Hillary as I have in the past, but she has other work to do…

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