Get What You Need….

There was a definite lesson and pattern from the universe visible in the political world this past week…some grasp the lesson and ‘bloom where they’re planted’ and some pixx and moan and miss the point and any opportunity to be productive or happy ….a-hem….I am learning and some truly incredible individuals like Hillary are demonstrating the way it’s done…the Stones say it in a way I totally dig :0)

The Secret of Gratitude, something like that, the serenity to know what can be changed, accept what can’t, give the universe your all wherever it puts you, the way of the water, deep stuff like that….the universe rewards those who embrace what life gives them the way Hillary does…yep…

Love ‘The Big Chill‘, one of our all time favorite films… trivia, Lawrence Kasdan also wrote what Lucas film….The Empire Strikes Back and Jedi! oh snap! and the good Indiana Jones films as well…his name should be celebrated more methinks….Hey you can even apply the lesson of Kevin Costner whose role in the Big Chill was totally cut in editing (he was Alex whose funeral we see), but Kasdan then cast him in the lead in Silverado as recompense which launched his career in I think, a bigger way, he owned that role in Silverado….bloomin where you’re planted..kewl..

anywho… embracing where we are and what we are given while we can, a lovely and I betcha,  fulfilling, way to live….

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