And Now for Something Completely Different….Jekyll (BBC One)

I love this. I am so sad they only did the mini-series. First a clip. then Episode One Part One for more (if so inclined )

What does it mean that I am crushin on the Hyde side of James Nesbitt?!?! (This is Mrs. MiM by the way, lol!!)

He is a real problem solver is Hyde.

Episode One Part One

Courtesy of EvilBakura

Jekyll 2007  DVD (BBC One) Two Disc Set


One of the most novel interpretations of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” this BBC TV mini-series offers a terrific performance from James Nesbitt as Tom Jackman, a modern-day descendant of Stevenson’s scientist hero who discovers that he shares his ancestor’s penchant for transforming into a more animalistic alter ego. While Mr. Hyde (also played by Nesbitt) is physically less of the monster than previously portrayed in movie adaptations (his actions speak a different story), he’s also cunning, id-driven version of Jackman, and soon discovers that he’s the target of a shadowy organization out to discover the secret behind the transformation for its own nefarious purposes. Part Hammer-style horror-thriller, part X-Files conspiracy fiction, and part solid drama (the relationship between Jackman/Hyde and his wife, played by Gina Bellman, gives the fantastic storylines a basis in reality, though his flirtations with sultry assistant Michelle Ryan of Bionic Woman tip more towards heavy-breathing pulp), Jekyll is terrific fun from executive producer Stephen Moffat (Coupling, Doctor Who), who understands how to deliver engaging science fiction for a wide audience. The two-DVD set includes uncut versions of all six episodes, commentaries by Moffat and members of the cast and crew (including Bellman and Moffat’s wife and co-executive producer, writer Beryl Vertue), as well as two featurettes, including a 45-minute look at the making of the series. — Paul Gaita


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