BSG: 4.17 Kara remembers All Along the Watchtower…

Courtesy of emkayde:

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace remembers All Along The Watchtower (or specifically the Final Four Theme),while playing at the piano with her imaginary father who told her the song when she was a child. From the episode “Someone To Watch Over Me”.
Music by Bear McCreary. Copyright by Universal Studios. No copyright infringement intended.


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Courtesy of  LucienLaCroix

This is a compilation of footage from both Battlestar Galactica and The Office, in which it is implied that Dwight Schrute is the infamous fifth Cylon. The footage from the Office is played to musical score “Precipice” from the Battlestar Galactica series. Fans of both series will get a kick out of this video.

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YourGeekNews: Watchmen Preview

From Mat and Nat at YGN/BSGcast:

We’ve had our eye on this project for YEARS, literally, and we couldn’t have more anticipation and enthusiasm for this film if we tried. Mostly because we’ve been fans of the graphic novel for as long as we can remember, and the pressure couldn’t be higher for Snyder to deliver a truly great movie from the greatest graphic novel of all time.

So watch our 10-minute preview of Watchmen, complete with cast and crew interviews and LOTS of scenes from the movie, and hit up to let us know what you think!

~Matt +Nat

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BSG: ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ 4.17 Preview (Canada-Space)

courtesy pennyfeline and larsfarm77

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Film: Terminator Salvation Official Trailer

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BSGcast: Review ‘Deadlock’ 4.18…

Have to agree with Mat and Nat… boring..we LITERALLY WATCHED PAINT DRY IN THIS EPISODE!!!!

From BSGcast/YourGeekNews :

This week’s episode featured a stellar performance from Michael Hogan during the plot about Tigh and Six’s baby in the wake of Ellen’s return, and curious side-plots about Baltar’s Harem and Galactica’s paint drying… yet we couldn’t help but feel like this episode came up short on actual plot. Compared to “No Exit” last week, virtually any episode would feel like it’s standing still, but with only 4 episodes left and SO much more to be explained, by the end of “Deadlock” we were both pretty underwhelmed.

~Matt + Nat

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Comic Relief: Neil Simon – Film Noir/Detective Parody…


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J Geils Band reunites for House of Blues Show….


Video courtesy of  JosephLank:  J Geils Band Opening Night House of Blues Boston

From the Boston Herald:

…never thought I’d see ’em live again,” marveled Dan Aykroyd, near the end of the J. Geils Band’s set at House of Blues last night. Aykroyd, a Blues Brother and co-founder of the club HoB chain, had seen the Geils Band first as a teenager in the ’70s. And here they were, looking, sounding . . . the same as they ever were. Playing “First I Look at the Purse,” “So Sharp,” “Homework,” and “Detroit Breakdown,” feeling the songs and re-creating a past that resonates still.

Give singer Peter Wolf, guitarist J. Geils and his bandmates credit for, although broken up for most of a decade, burying hatchets and putting on a great r & b/rock ’n’ roll show.


A sold-out crowd of 2,400 packed the spot where Avalon, Axis and other clubs once stood. Familiarity? “They ripped the whole thing down and put the same (expletive) thing up?,” said fan Mark Hagopian. Well, sorta. It was bigger, more spacious. Wolf called it a musical barbecue pit and treated it thus, as a melting pot of hot r & b and rock, playing songs squarely rooted in the classic-but-not-calcified category.

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