Travellin’ Tom Daschle or Been Around the World and He He He, He Don’t Pay His Taxes…….

Travellin Tom didn’t declare any of these jet rides, expense free vacations/’gifts’/international lobbying trips which at first glance certainly appear taxable and the IRS and Feds have been investigating the outfit for various other issues…in the immortal words of Cole Porter for Team Obama (who now play it in lieu of Hail to the Chief)…s’wonderul? s’marvelous? s’frakin ridiculous!…

It’s as if he deliberately set about violating every conceivable aspect of paying income taxes:f he took invalid charity deductions,  failed to declare as in kind payment gifts from charities he lobbied for-vacations and jet rides, failed to notice he hadn’t declared over 80,000 in ‘consulting’ (ie LOBBYING) income, didn’t declare the car/driver as income, didn’t pay the Medicare taxes on said driver….and the topper, he lobbied for pharma companies..PHARMA! How can you be head of HHS and not handle a conflict of interest there? it was within the past 2 years…

From WSJ:

People familiar with Mr. Daschle’s case said the question involves two flights he took aboard EduCap’s corporate jet to vacation destinations to speak with members of the board of directors of the Academy of Achievement, a related organization. In February 2006, Mr. Daschle flew to the academy’s annual retreat in the Bahamas. The next month, he flew with academy officials to Jordan, Egypt and Israel to scout out sites for the group’s international awards ceremony. While there, the delegation met with Jordan’s King Abdullah and Israeli minister Ehud Barack, said Daschle spokesman Jenny Backus.

Which part of this had to do with student loans exactly?

Under federal tax law, individuals involved with a charity aren’t allowed to take anything of personal value from the charity that isn’t connected to the charity’s core mission.


The Internal Revenue Service has examined whether EduCap, a Sterling, Va.-based nonprofit student lender, was following its charter. EduCap also faces a separate Finance Committee probe into whether the charity, which has spent money on an expensive jet, it abused its status as a charity.

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Do You Really Want Sally Jesse Raphael Administering your Health Care Policy??


Call the Senate and tell them to just say no to Duke Daschle and his Lovely Lobbying Linda…..

And those eyeglasses are a nifty $490.00 at discount, Lafont’s Providence from 2006, just sayin’ lots of talk about Palins wardrobe and all…

PS Will Linda Daschle provide DISCLOSURES to the ETHICS CMTE MONTHLY like Big Dawg? She lobbies pretty hard…

and how the hell can Daschle recuse himself from decisions involving the people he received 200,000 from at the Cabinet level? that is what Gibbs said would happen if there were a conflict at today’s presser…

It can’t be done, he would have to make NO decisions about pharmaceuticals for example..hardly likely..


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Cramer on ‘Anti-Capitalism’ Rhetoric

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Read more here, via HA

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Strike a Pose! Obama Economic ‘A Team’ Gets Glamour Shots …

Annie Liebowitz-Vanity Fair).

Team Obama 'Vogues' it Up. Strike a Pose baby (photo: Annie Liebowitz-Vanity Fair).

I thought we needed to do something urgently for the desperate times?

But they manage to find time to have a photo shoot with Annie Liebowitz..

oh okay…but they haven’t rolled out a housing plan or TARP Two plan…


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Obama & Daschle Go Country….



Just Say No!!!!

CALL YOUR SENATOR: 202-224-3121.

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Pay to Play in the UK & Our Lordly Senators Prepare to give ‘Duke Daschle’ a Pass…

From MM:

Ask the Bend Over Republicans who pooh-poohed Tim Geithner’s tax goofs where they will stand:

Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Crapo (R-ID)
Ensign (R-NV)
Graham (R-SC)
Gregg (R-NH)
Hatch (R-UT)
Shelby (R-AL)
Snowe (R-ME)
Voinovich (R-OH)


From HA comments:

“Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter. ” Sen. Tom Daschle, Congressional Record, May 7, 1998, p. S4507.

Keemo on February 2, 2009 at 9:03 AM

From the Telegraph:

Lord Truscott is one of four peers said to have offered to help reporters posing as lobbyists for a fictitious Chinese retail firm which wanted to amend a forthcoming law on business rates before setting up in the UK.

During a meeting in a London hotel, Lord Truscott was asked about the procedure for amending a law passing through parliament. He said: “It is… identifying people and obviously following and identifying people to… meeting people, talking with people to facilitate the amendment and making sure the thing is granted.

You see Blago was following the vaunted European Model of the Peerage……but instead of:

‘to facilitate…make sure its granted’  Blago said  ‘the bill is almost signed where’s my fxxxing money?!’

Maybe he should have been all cash up front? Is that a lesson on “How to Sell Legislation for Fun and Profit” that the American politicans missed?

Shall we arrange for an EduLoan jet to fly Daschle over there to get the lesson and bring his new knowledge home? Then we can save time and maybe get a SINGLE thing done for the people. Or is Tom still going to be too busy pushing private student loan lenders up the list or whatever the frak he did for them prior to this meltdown (cause student loans are the next thing to go)…

But don’t fret about Tom, cause he IS a PEER as our crooked pols view it:

“If this were anyone else, I don’t think there would be any question that [the nomination] would not make it out of the committee,” said a top Senate GOP aide, referring to Daschle’s 18 years of Senate service, including stints as both majority and minority leader. “But he’s a former majority leader, which means a lot to these guys.”

Notice that is a GOP aide, they won’t roll on one of their own -fellow Senators regardless of political stripe, eh??

And you think the American people are okay with this after the lectures about responsibility and shame for CEOs and years of mutual sacrifice going forward?


And this is the SECOND tax evader you put forward to run policy for our country? Cause he is a ‘friend’ aka supporter who pulled strings to get The One where he needed to be, Daschle opened the doors to the Golden Kingdom…our Treasury of our tax dollars..

People to Team Obama: That is as “Old Style” Politics as it Gets baby

You are coming after our children’s earnings and you want to give this millionaire a pass on his taxes so he can be in a position to make more money off our health?virtue11I call BS..Seems I am having to do that an awful lot for 11 days in office..

See since he was once the LEADER of the Senate Majority, he gets a pass. WTF is that? No No No. Make the calls to your Congress Critters maybe they can frakin PRETEND to give a good G-Damn about the people and equity under the system…


Cause we do NOT want this guy setting our health care policy, he CLEARLY is untrustworthy. I am sure it will go down just as Lord FancyPants here describes:

“I know some of the MPs and I know all the Tories in the Lords so I have no problem with approaching them, I mean, I think as I said it might be worth having the first bite of the cherry in the Commons… then I think the other thing is identifying who to… who can be approached to put forward amendments at various stages and maybe other bodies to contact. ”

“That comes down to… I think that will be a bit of a mix. You talking to some people, me talking to some people, sometimes both of us talking to people together, to put something through. And also there will probably be a different style maybe in the Commons and in the Lords.

See no wonder there were so many hours of tape with Blago, it takes a lot of calls and a lot of payoffs, these crooked rat frakkers…Blago’s style was more fit for the House of ‘Commons’ I betcha. Unfrakinbelievable all over the damn place…

Daschle evades taxes, Geithner the same. Lobbyists are all over the place even in the Cabinet posts themselves, Conyers wife took a bribe and he is heading the Judiciary Cmte in the House, yet Blago is out in the cold. No wonder he’s pixxed.

Only One Duke gets my attention and in fact an ovation and that’s the Duke of Earl, and you Tom Daschle,  are NO Duke of Earl

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