Nevermore 2009: Bicentennial celebration of Edgar Allan Poe in Baltimore…


Totally Awesome!!! :0)

The man remembered for mystery, darkness, macabre acts and his poetry and short stories turns 200 this year. And in his adopted city, he will be celebrated with festivals, tours, wine tastings, art exhibitions and theatrical performances.


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WOW! Springsteen Plagiarizes KISS…

The KISS song ROCKS as it always has, SINCE 1997!!!!!!!  and the Springsteen ripoff totally sucks BTW…

the real thing: ROCK OUT!!!

Since the Boss apologized for selling the album at Walmart maybe now he could apologize to KISS with a few million for plagiarism….gee think that whole Obama plagiarized Deval Patrick but it’s no big deal had an impact? I know Bruce hasnt had a hit in 20 years but stealing old KISS songs is NOT the way to go Boss..

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