Update: Senator breaks ranks… DeMint says Daschle should withdraw…and Daschle’s Campaign Ad: he must have traded in his Pontiac for a Limo..

A previous Tom Daschle campaign ad showcased how Daschle drove to work daily for 15 years in an old Pontiac.

h/t to  RightWingSparkle

UPDATE: And FINALLY a Senator has stepped up to say STEP DOWN DASCHLE..and it is Jim DeMint, R-SC:

DeMint told FOX News that Daschle’s failure to pay $134,000 in federal taxes reflects a “problem with integrity” that the government cannot afford to tolerate. DeMint spoke out against Daschle as a number of prominent newspapers, including The New York Times, called for the South Dakota Democrat to drop his bid.

“It’s very unfortunate with Tom Daschle that this has occurred, but the president needs to lead. He needs to step in here and he needs to withdraw this nomination,” the South Carolina Republican said.

DeMint said he came to that conclusion after it became “obvious” that Daschle knew about the tax problems long before his nomination and did nothing to make it right.

“The average American would likely face criminal charges with tax evasion of this size, yet he did not address the issue until he was nominated,” he said.

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