Stimulus Update: Democrats Bend on Buy American Amendment…

The Declawed Buy American Amendment passes, it leaves things status quo, will Labor notice? We shall see…we need the language of the bill analyzed to see WTH it does exactly since Dorgan seems so chipper, is he trying to sell Labor into believing something has changed?!  Or is there an alligator under the water lurking in this bill….

ABC Reports:

Senators agreed by voice vote tonight to clarify that the “Buy American” provision in the Senate’s version of the stimulus package should comply with existing treaties.

Then they rejected by a 31-65 vote a proposal by Sen. John McCain to strip the “Buy American” language from the bill. There is no such language in the House-passed stimulus.

McCain warned that the “Buy American” requirement for stimulus funds has “echoes of the disastrous Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act,” which many believe exacerbated the Great Depression.

Byron Dorgan D-NE challenges fate to strike trade, what an idiot IMO:

Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., the chief “Buy American” cheerleader said, “Both Mr. Smoot and Mr. Hawley are dead. … But this amendment is part of a debate that is alive on the floor of the Senate and across the country. Twenty thousand people a day are losing their jobs. Twenty thousand people a day.

Well that’s a relief, and a trade war against the global economy averted…

Global Coordinated Action and the dangers of protectionism was the reptitive the Theme from leaders of government and finance..

MiM: World Economic Forum in Davos: Global Coordinated Action and the dangers of protectionism was the reptitive the Theme from leaders of government and finance..(Getty Images)

The vote expected tonight, via Forbes:

The U.S. Senate planned to vote late Wednesday on a softened “Buy American” plan as part of its nearly $900 billion economic stimulus bill, after President Barack Obama expressed concern the original language could trigger a trade war.

The proposed amendment adds language requiring that Buy American measures that have upset Canada, the European Union and other trading partners be “applied in a manner consistent with U.S. obligations under international agreements.”

The Senate was also expected to vote on an amendment offered by Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, that would prohibit any of the stimulus package funds from being subject to a Buy American requirement.

Via Bloomberg:

Congressional leaders, trying to quell a dispute over “Buy American” provisions in the stimulus package, are crafting a version that would apply only when they don’t violate trade rules, according to industry officials and a congressional aide. The lawmakers are reacting to a demand by the White House that the provisions satisfy U.S. obligations under the World Trade Organization.

Well it is always nice when we comply with out WTO and Trade Agreements ain’t it? Sheesh. MiM previous post on Smoot Hawley and Protectionism here….

The House Ways and Means Committee’s Democratic staff and aides to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, are working out the language, said a lobbyist who was briefed on the measure. The people familiar with the talks declined to be identified because the talks are confidential.


You know who is gonna be pixxed?, that’s right Labor. The very Labor that elected Teh One and demonstrated outside the Capitol today for EFCA/Card Check.

Obama told ABC News yesterday that he didn’t want any Buy American provisions that would violate trade rules.

“We need to make sure that any provisions that are in there are not going to trigger a trade war,” he said.

Now that Team Obama is in charge we at MiM bet Larry Summers and Judd Gregg will prevail over Hilda Solis and Pelosi, the same way Bob Rubin prevailed over Robert Reich in the Clinton Administration..IOW no EFCA, unless they plan to self destruct the economy…..

Steel companies, such as U.S. Steel Corp. and Nucor Corp., and labor unions are pushing language in the stimulus plan to mandate that projects use American-made iron, steel and other manufactured goods in building projects such as roads, bridges and tunnels.


“We’ve always said this doesn’t violate our trade laws,” said Robert Baugh, executive director of the Industrial Union Council at the AFL-CIO. “If they need to restate it, fine.”

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Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Cruise: The Legend Lives On…

Ohh much fun for Family Vacation at Spring Break !! Register at  Disney:


Event: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend Lives On

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Event Location: Disney Wonder

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This adventurous voyage into pirate territory will be led by Lee Arenberg and Marty Klebba, pirates that not only sailed the seven seas, but lived the legend of the Caribbean.

Dare to set sail with the Pirates of the Caribbean and become a part of the legend…

To book this legendary sailing with Disney Cruise Line, please contact Disney Cruise Line Reservation Center at 1-800-951-3532 or your local travel agent.

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2009-1-21 Nightline – Maxine Waters vs Refinancers

Rep Maxine Waters D CA tries to help her constituents..

From Rep Waters YouTube channel:  Even a Congresswoman can’t get satisfaction from mortgage refinancers.It is not about getting a live person. It is about getting a live person that can actually do something.

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Update 2: Acting Secretary of Labor Appointed as Solis Nomination In Limbo…EFCA Rally at the Capitol

Update 2: 7:09pm EST: An interim Secretary has been appointed. That can’t be good news for Solis.

The WH made a statement in support of Solis today indicating her failure to notify the House as required of her lobbying role, was an oversight and not an ethical violation..good luck with that one as we head into the Battle Over EFCA/Card Check…

Ambinder has it:

Amid threats of a Republican hold on Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis, President Obama has asked a top department official to serve as Acting Labor Secretary until she’s confirmed. Edward Hugler, currently the deputy assistant secretary for administration, has spent more than 30 years in a variety of functions in the department.

Solis’s fate is unclear. Her status as treasurer of the pro-EFCA American Rights at Work (ARW) is what’s causing concern…


Rep. George Miller (D- CA),  is speaking at a rally supporting Card Check in the Capitol as we type….no word yet on a confirmation vote for Solis….


From the AFL-CIO:


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2/3 Barney Frank on Bank Lending

(Yesterday), the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing, Promoting Bank Liquidity and Lending Through Deposit Insurance, Hope for Homeowners, and other Enhancements.

Homeowners take heart, Barney says that Geithner says a national plan of some sort is coming…

so ‘Hold On, I’m Comin’!’ Take it Sam and Dave!!!!!

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Sam and Dave courtesy of adamweishaupt81:

The 1966 Stax-Volt European Tour contains performance footage of the first major multi city tour of America’s R&B superstars.

Superb performances by Sam & Dave and Otis Redding hypnotized the European kids again opening up new audiences for them and propelling them to stardom.

Features Booker T. and the MG’s and The Mar-Keys.

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Nancy Pelosi is a Raving Egomaniac….

Narcissism thy name is Pelosi.

Many HRC supporters have LONG suspected Nancy must have some pathological jealousy going on or something because her behavior in the primaries was just bizarre…

Regardless of who the woman is,  in any given situation,  Nancy has NEVER thought they experienced sexism: from Hillary to Sarah Palin she didn’t think so and when pressed said she hadn’t been paying attention…odd that. LOL!

No doubt this is because only Nancy really understands what real sexism is really like in a really important job…

Obama actually pointed out how appropriate it was PELOSI was at the Lily Ledbetter Act signing and said nothing about Hillary, the first woman in US history to win a Presidential Primary (who was standing right next to him, which no doubt made Nancy smile like the damn Cheshire Cat–Obama TOTALLY has Nancy’s number and plays her like a fiddle)…

In this interview from last week, Nancy tells George below how SHE really broke the highest (and hardest) ceiling in all the land and how SHE really is the most powerful person in the world and how HER job is really the hardest in the world…

She sounds EXACTLY like the Evil Queen in Snow White, betcha she has a Magic Mirror…

Glad Hill is safely away in her own kingdom in Foggy Bottom…

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who’s the most powerful female of them All? …then no doubt she does an “off with their head” gesture..

Listen to her fantasyland, from Snuggleupagus:

“I broke through the marble ceiling, forget the glass ceiling. In this Congress, it’s a marble ceiling. It’s over 200 years of pecking order that was very all-male and predicted long into the future. So I broke into that,” Pelosi said.


….and my election to speaker has — so huge. I always said it’s harder to  be speaker than be president of the United States. Because the American people are more interested in having a female president than the male members of Congress are interested in having a female speaker.

What the hell kind of twisted reasoning is that?! More Americans want a female POTUS (IOW Hillary) than male Congress Critters wanted a ‘female leader’ (her?!)… her resentment and envy clearly eats her alive…very sad…

Hillary famously put 18 million cracks in the highest glass ceiling, so Nancy says HER ceiling is MARBLE…

Betcha the fact that her book on ‘Embracing Your Power’ sold like Negative Three Copies while Hillary’s two books sold like hotcakes ..well, OUCH THE BURN!!!!

Tsk tsk Nancy, more Americans want to read Hillary’s books than Congressmen want to read yours!!!

I bet Nancy wanders around the Capitol like Jan Brady saying, “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary”

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