Annual VNSA Book Fair: Feb. 14th & 15th …

This is my favorite part of February, the VNSA Book Fair..I drool over books the way some women do designer shoes and jewels, my hubby is a lucky man eh?!?

But come on, who wouldn’t be excited!! check this out:

Members of Teamsters Locals 104 and 752 volunteer their time to move more than 8,000 boxes of books. After a week, the books are ready, organized into 27 major categories.

Mmmmmm Books.....Like a Doughnut to Homer, MiM feels the call of the books: Members of Teamsters Locals 104 and 752 volunteer their time to move more than 8,000 boxes of books. After a week, the books are ready, organized into 27 major categories.


The purpose of the VNSA Used Book Sale is to raise funds for three nonprofit human service agencies: Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa County, and Toby House, Inc. VNSA members work year round preparing and producing one of the largest charitable used book sales in the country.

All the books at the VNSA Used Book Sale have been donated by the public. Books and related items are donated by individuals, businesses, schools, libraries and other interested groups. VNSA is very grateful for the support of the community.

2009 VNSA Layout

2009 VNSA Layout

Types of Items Accepted: paperback books, hardback books, DVDs, CDs, videos, tapes, maps, records, jigsaw puzzles, encyclopedias printed in the last 15 years and those printed before 1950, and limited magazines.

VNSA is an all-volunteer organization of interested members of the community. VNSA has no paid staff. Volunteer members collect, sort, price and box books year round. During preparations for the sale, VNSA receives help from hundreds of other volunteers. Members of Teamsters Unions 104 and 752 assist in moving books to the Fairgrounds and unloading them into categories. Hundreds of family and friends of VNSA work for a week unpacking boxes and preparing the books for display.

To receive information about becoming a full-time member, please call 602-265-6805 or send an email to

History of the VNSA:

More than 50 years ago, VNSA was organized as the Visiting Nurse Service Auxiliary. The VNSA Used Book Sale was begun in 1957 as a fund-raiser for the nonprofit Visiting Nurse Service. The first sale raised about $900. In the mid-1980’s the Visiting Nurse Service was purchased by a large hospital corporation. The members of VNSA chose to remain active with nonprofit service agencies directly benefiting our community. Because our Owl Logo was very recognizable in the community, we kept the “VNSA” initials and became Volunteer Nonprofit Service Association. The VNSA Used Book Sale continues, and all sale proceeds benefit local nonprofit service agencies.

Last Year’s Sale:

VNSA is proud to make used books available to the general public at very reasonable prices while raising significant amounts of money for charities in Maricopa County. Last year’s sale offered more than 600,000 books, DVDs, CDs, audio and video tapes, jigsaw puzzles, maps, and other book-related items. The sale attracted more than 20,000 shoppers and enabled VNSA to donate more than $340,000.

MiM Tips: Get there EARLY!!! It is worth the wait! I have a lovely set of Edgar Allan Poe from the 19th Century among other gems discovered at VNSA, and ALL the Agatha Christie’s and Sherlock Holmes we picked up there..the Maps!..the classics and collectibles section!!….I am drooling thinking about it now..

Also bring a few boxes, or a giant duffle bag or roll-along suitcase to carry your purchases around, it is hard to get a cart!

This is THE place to be if you are a bibliophile looking for a fix baby!!

Saturday, Feb 14th 8:00 am  to 6:00 pm

Sunday, Feb. 15th 8:00am to 4:00 pm

(On Sunday the books go to 50% off the already ridiculously low price..)

Arriving Early!!!: Many shoppers strive to be first in line because they are seeking particular books. Some of these people arrive up to 10 hours before our opening, and they have done this for several years. They bring a lawn chair, a blanket, and a thermos of coffee—and maybe a flashlight and a book to read to pass the time.

If you arrive Saturday at opening time, you will probably experience quite a delay in entering the sale. The fire marshal monitors the flow of traffic into and out of the building so that it never becomes dangerously overcrowded. Even though the lines are long, many of our shoppers expect the wait and tell us it is well worth it. VNSA provides maps of the Sale layout, and we distribute these to those in line, so you can use your waiting time to plan your shopping schedule.

From VNSA:

The entrance to the Fairgrounds is located at 17th Avenue and McDowell Road.

From I-17 Southbound or Northbound
  1. Exit 200B onto McDowell Road Eastbound
  2. Left onto 17th Avenue Northbound to entrance
From I-10 Westbound
  1. Exit 143C right onto 19th Avenue
  2. Wide right onto McDowell Road (not Grand) Eastbound
  3. Left onto 17th Avenue Northbound to entrance
From I-10 Eastbound
  1. Exit 142 left onto 27th Avenue Northbound
  2. Right onto McDowell Road Eastbound
  3. Left onto 17th Avenue Northbound to entrance

For information on parking fees charged by the Fairgrounds, or other information on the Fairgrounds, consult with the Arizona State Fair and Exposition at or call 602-252-6771.

For information on hotels and dining options please consult the Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau at or call 1-877-225-5749.

For information on other things of interest while visiting Arizona you may consult the Arizona Office of Tourism’s site at

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  1. wwiinurses replied:

    As a member of VNSA, thought I would remind you that the 2011 sale is Feb. 12 & 13. The info that you have is last year’s date.
    Thanks for the mention! I just googled VNSA and came upon your blog.
    See you there?


    • ginaswo replied:

      for sure!!! Thank you, will update the post!!!
      PS This post is on last year’s sale
      will put up a new one for 2011!


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