Twofer Tuesday…Mel Brooks

The Big Shot financial CEOs are in their very own Inquisition, and the Stimulus Conference is speeding along at Ludicrous Speed….

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BSGcast review: Blood on the Scales…

Via the ever-awesome yourgeeknews/BSGcast:

The amazing conclusion of the 2-part Mutiny storyline answered a few questions, but none that Part 1 hadn’t come up with in the first place… which makes us both ask the question: why? Why spend 2 episodes starting and ending a storyline with SO MANY important questions still hanging? We trust in Ron, and we loved this Mutiny storyline and Gaeta’s enormous arc, but we still have to ask why?
~Matt + Nat

And has everyone seen the Sneak Peek at the next episode, ‘No Exit’ ??!! OMGods Anders remembers all!!!!!


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