Rick Santelli accepts WH offer, but wants TEA


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WH takes on Rick Santelli….gee think Rick hit a nerve? LOL!! Rick Santelli quotes Ayn Rand…

see HOTAIR!!!

Gibby sounds like a real snot nose doing it too…Rick eats his lunch


Here is Rick in September of last year, telling it like is, like always..

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Update: GOP Rep. turns down the WH….Monday: ‘Fiscal Responsibility’ Summit at WH…Social Security ‘reform’ and UHC on the menu….

The RSVPs aren’t all in the affirmative, not everyone wants their fingerprints on what Team Obama will no doubt later refer to as bipartisan work on the budget…
From Glen Thrush:

New York Republican Rep. John McHugh, the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, has turned down Barack Obama’s invite to Monday’s fiscal responsibility summit, his office tells my colleague Alex Isenstadt.

The New York congressman emerged as a tough critic of the economic stimulus package passed by Congress last week.

What will Americans lose at the Summit?? Social Security benefits, retirement age? Health Care Treatment Choices?? Place your bets and takes yer chances!!

What will Americans lose at the Summit?? Social Security benefits, retirement age? Health Care Treatment Choices?? Place your bets and takes yer chances!!

Ain’t it grand?! After spending more money in less time than anyone in history, they hold a ‘Summit’ on Fiscal Responsibility!! Summit to sound like they climbed a mountain and are having a global meeting I guess, even though this isn’t the G20..It’s a bunch of ‘propeller heads’ who plan to tell US, the PEOPLE, how to live responsibly on what THEY give BACK after they TAKE our money …GRRRRRRRR…Stay away from my Social Security you ‘pragmatic’ number crunching Team of Zeroes…

Via Ben Smith:

The event is to include about 100 guests, and will begin with addresses by President Obama and Vice President Biden. It’s set to include members of both houses of Congress from both parties.

The opening session will be followed by “breakout” sessions of five topics: health, tax policy, Social Security, contracting and procurement, and the budget, each led by senior officials.

The budget director, Peter Orszag, will be leading the health breakout — a policy area on which he’s long focused, and one expected to be front and center in the budget.

Christina Romer and Larry Summers will lead the Social Security session; despite fears on the left, entitlement reform advocate Pete Peterson appears to have no formal role in the gathering. (MiM here no ‘formal’; role but he IS THERE RIGHT??? RIGHT!)

Pete Peterson already has an ad to push his SS ‘reform’ guess HE thinks he has input somehow huh? HOW LONG WILL HE TRY TO KILL SS?!?!?:

CIA director Leon Panetta will be present to — to talk about the budget, however, which he ran in the Clinton years, not about his current portfolio.

Full schedule after the jump.

WHAT: The White House Fiscal Summit

WHEN: Monday, February 23rd, 2009

12:30 PM – Event Call Time

1:00 PM – Program Begins

4:30 PM – Event Concludes

WHERE: The White House

The State Dining Room

*Specific information on arrival gates will be provided shortly.

FORMAT: Approximately 100 guests will gather at the White House to participate in a summit on fiscal issues. The group will be composed of the President and Vice President, Members of Congress, members of the Cabinet and senior Administration officials, and various other experts in the field. The group of Members will be bipartisan and bicameral.

Session 1: The President and Vice President will each deliver remarks in an opening session in the State Dining Room. Open press.

Session 2: Breakout discussion groups led by members of the Cabinet and senior Administration officials on key fiscal issues. Pooled press.

Session 3: Plenary discussion led by the President regarding results of the five breakout groups. Pooled press.

Breakout sessions.

Health: Orszag, Melody Barnes, Sec. Shinseki

Tax: Geithner, Volcker

Social Security: Romer, Summers

Contracting & Procurement: LaHood, Napolitano, Bill Lynn

Budget: Nabors, Panetta

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Breaking Update:Treasury says nationalization rumours false….3: WH says private banking in US will continue…markets climb back…Markets: slip sliding away….Dow down 200…

UPDATE 4: 3:55 PM EST: WOW! Geithner got Cramer’s and market’s message alright: Treasury just released a statement: “should not regard rumors as indication of Administration’s policy…we will preserve financial system owned and managed by private sector”. Hey is Senator Dodd a rumormonger then or what?? BWAAAHAA frakkin maroons! Uh oh, Liesman and Dylan Ratigan discussing whether Administration is playing semantics with us and they may still take partial control..great….

DOW bouncing all over, all day, closes down 100 to 7365 S&P us down 8 to 770


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J Geils Band reunites for House of Blues Show….


Video courtesy of  JosephLank:  J Geils Band Opening Night House of Blues Boston

From the Boston Herald:

…never thought I’d see ’em live again,” marveled Dan Aykroyd, near the end of the J. Geils Band’s set at House of Blues last night. Aykroyd, a Blues Brother and co-founder of the club HoB chain, had seen the Geils Band first as a teenager in the ’70s. And here they were, looking, sounding . . . the same as they ever were. Playing “First I Look at the Purse,” “So Sharp,” “Homework,” and “Detroit Breakdown,” feeling the songs and re-creating a past that resonates still.

Give singer Peter Wolf, guitarist J. Geils and his bandmates credit for, although broken up for most of a decade, burying hatchets and putting on a great r & b/rock ’n’ roll show.


A sold-out crowd of 2,400 packed the spot where Avalon, Axis and other clubs once stood. Familiarity? “They ripped the whole thing down and put the same (expletive) thing up?,” said fan Mark Hagopian. Well, sorta. It was bigger, more spacious. Wolf called it a musical barbecue pit and treated it thus, as a melting pot of hot r & b and rock, playing songs squarely rooted in the classic-but-not-calcified category.

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Markets Open: DOW breaks November intraday lows..bank nationalization fears still abound…

DOW opens down over 100..we are breaking the November intraday lows on the DOW..S&P is holding on..its November intraday low is 741.02

Next bottom to watch on the DOW is 7286, if we break that we are at the lowest level since November of 97..

Banks are getting slammed again due to all the nationalization speak of Greenspan and a lack of visibility from Geithner going forward…

European banks are down between 5% and 14%..our banks are taking hard hits as well 10% on Wells….

GOLD- we crossed $1000 briefly, the record high is 1003.20 set March 18, 2008, but adjusted for inflation we are nowhere near what would be the $2200 an oz we were at under Reagan..I am a GLD buyer….

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