A comment so good it needs its own post…


And we have been railing about the lack of housing plans for jumbo loan areas for three years now…

BUT this comment we reprinted is directed at the one it replies to, which we printed here in full.

This statement: You do realize it’s the wealthy from the Bay Area (and New York and Massachusetts) who bankroll the country, right? We don’t have Alabama to thank for a robust defense budget.

Is In our opinion waay off base. NO ONE IN THIS COUNTRY pays more than the troops, who lay down their lives, so the person who wrote this comment and linked taxes to defense budgets got what they had coming, a reminder of the ULTIMATE price paid for this country, in blood. Belittling rural areas is no way to talk and the commenter whose reply we post here belittled that poster right back….

Now everyone stop letting the class warfare from Team Obama get to you! We ARE int his together AMERICANS whether we are bankers, soldiers, dog catchers, nurses or teachers…

From MM piece on the expansion of the Obama Housing Plan to include Jumbo mortgages in SF…

On February 26th, 2009 at 11:02 am, twofoot said:

You do realize it’s the wealthy from the Bay Area (and New York and Massachusetts) who bankroll the country, right? We don’t have Alabama to thank for a robust defense budget.

Twofoot Replied: You really want to compare the contributions of people from the bay area to the contributions of those from states like Alabama, or Georgia, or South Carolina, or Arkansas?

People from the bay area may pay more taxes per capita than those of many southern states. But those of my part of the country, those inbred hicks those on the left so love to denigrate, pay more per capita in blood than the little pansies in the bay area ever thought about.

It’s me and mine that believe in the inherent nobility of the US Military. It’s me and mine that swear our lives, and more importantly, our honor to defend the greatest nation this planet has ever known. It’s me and mine that stand willing to pay the blood tax so that effete little snobs can sit back and bemoan how rotton (in their minds) this country is.

No, not just people from the south. The military is populated by people from rural areas all over this country. People that were raised with pride in nation. People that believe it is the highest honor to be allowed to serve this nation, even unto death.

Go to Alabama and throw a rock in any direction and you will find ten people willing to lay down their life for this nation. Try the same thing in the bay area and you’ll find ten people willing to tell you how rotton this nation is while they are getting ready for the Folsom Street Fair.

So who is it that really gives more?

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  1. ginaswo replied:

    also Jayne, and forgive my continued replies I do appreciate your comment and Im thinking about it, the MM thread this is from was discussing the additional high dollar loans NOT in CA NY HI, but in say OH where a busdriver bought an 800k dollar house and wants a bailout, good grief..I like Jackie Speier a lot, but I do not know if she realizes this expansion will let all those subprime loans to people WAAAY over their heads will ALSO be covered by her expansion..



  2. Jayne replied:

    as a bay area conservative, I’d like you to know that I support the troops with donations and support the country with tax dollars. It’s not my fault that the cost of living is so high here. Making $250,000 a year hear is not rich – it’s not like making $250,000 in most other places you’re talking about.


    • ginaswo replied:

      well hello there!!! I do NOT mean to offend you!! au contraire mon frere!!! my mom is in the Hamptons on LI and also needs this expansion for the areas with higher housing costs, the point was that financial contributions do not outweigh the blood our troops spill for us, and no one should make that mistake. Rural healthcare is decimated in the Obama Budget….


    • ginaswo replied:

      and as someone who is OPPOSED to the tax increases I also appreciate your earnings. Did you hear that your charitable deductions to the troops and any other charity
      are not going to be deductible at the lower rate anymore? Per Obama Budget see our post on healthcare and taxes in the budget…


    • ginaswo replied:

      last thing I hope LOL! I was actually offered my DREAM JOB at Genentech a few years ago and found I could not take it as Bay Area housing costs were INSANE, like HI and NY. They wanted a cool mill for a 1400 sf 3 br house, ridiculous, but ya know I didnt take the loan some busdriver did and now we will all pay for that :0(


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