Tea Party Update…

Awesome, national movement the people are speaking, YAY AMERICA!!! WOOHOO! 2010 baby midterm elections, let’s get some BALANCE  :0)



From CSM via EM:

Several thousand neopatriots – some shouting “Give me liberty or give me death!” – took to the streets in over 30 US cities Friday, representing what some of them call the beginning of a new conservative counterculture in America.

“The spark has been lit,” says Ben Mihalski, a “house husband” from Cobb County, Ga., one of at least 300 protesters who gathered in a hefty downpour outside the Georgia Capitol on Friday to protest what they see as profligate spending by Washington.



Protesters with sign-slogans like “Pillage and plunder: At least the Vikings did it openly” fanned out across capitols and courthouses in cities from Nashville, Tenn., to Los Angeles, objecting to bailouts and policy changes since the inauguration of President Obama.

The Tea Party USA movement also added some symbolic flourish, vowing to gather tens of thousands of tea bags to be dumped on the floor of the US Congress. In Atlanta, the brand was Luzianne.

Photos from MM, please go see all the pics and video at her site!

But the largely grassroots show of force hints at a sharpening thorn for Democrats and a potential powder keg that could threaten to blow ahead of the 2010 congressional elections.

via ACE HQ , Chicago photo from unliberatedwoman more at her site!!



“It’s worth remembering that the rise of the New Right and the Christian Right, one after the other, were both spurred by tax issues, the whole idea of paying for things they don’t believe in,” says sociologist Eugenia Deerman at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston who studies conservative social movements.



Only in America Baby! How amazing is it that despite all our diversity, we have a tight cohesive bond based on our very own, very clear , very certain sense of what is and what is not the American Way. We KNOW who we are and we LOVE who we are, unlike some of our political representatives sad to say.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

Clearly we gave not forgotten who we are despite what some may say…

And we are passionate in our belief in America and our ability to be self sufficient and entrepeneurial and overcome ANY obstacle. We THRIVE on challenge. We do not want handouts or bailouts or a new system of governance or ideology or cultural collective and subservience to some politician’s idea of a ‘greater good’. Millions of us do have that belief and we live it in our daily lives and our faith, whatever it may be, and we do NOT want the government putting their big feet into our American Way of Life. /editorial off :0)

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BSG: 4.17 Kara remembers All Along the Watchtower…

Courtesy of emkayde:

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace remembers All Along The Watchtower (or specifically the Final Four Theme),while playing at the piano with her imaginary father who told her the song when she was a child. From the episode “Someone To Watch Over Me”.
Music by Bear McCreary. Copyright by Universal Studios. No copyright infringement intended.


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Reagan v Obama Debate

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Important Update: Budget: Student Loans…

From a savvy commenter and we thank them!!!! It is NOT the total private lending being affected, that apparently continues with its insane lack of caps on interest rates unabated, it is only FFEL a federally guaranteed partially subsidized through fees program being hurt, that seems counterproductive ? But then again the entire Obama Budget plan sounds counterproductive to me!

The excessively high interest rates you refer to are not part of the FFEL program. Those private loans would not be impacted by the budget proposal, and are free-market products. The FFEL loans have capped interests rates that fluctuate from one budget year to the other, as set by Congress, but have been in the single digits for several years.

The savings by eliminating FFEL are direct subsidies to lenders who risk financial loss by defaulted loans due to the narrow profit margins mandated by the interest rates capped by Congress.

There are those who argue that FFEL is actually cheaper for the taxpayer than direct lending because of the borrower-education and default aversion programs that that FFEL participants provide that is practically non-existent in direct lending, resulting in fewer loans going bad. Depends on whose numbers you are looking at.


Via BondBuyer.com:

The $3.55 trillion budget request, which was summarized in a 134-page overview released yesterday, would also phase out the Federal Family Education Loan program and require all new student loans to be originated by the Department of Education and financed with Treasury borrowing. That action would effectively kill the market for federally guaranteed student loans, municipal market participants said.


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