BSG: 4.17 Kara remembers All Along the Watchtower…

Courtesy of emkayde:

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace remembers All Along The Watchtower (or specifically the Final Four Theme),while playing at the piano with her imaginary father who told her the song when she was a child. From the episode “Someone To Watch Over Me”.
Music by Bear McCreary. Copyright by Universal Studios. No copyright infringement intended.

And just for fun:

mix courtesy of pawelp90

and below, the Bob Dylan Version courtesy of tulzdavampslayer

Battlestar Galactica spoilers for Crossroads pt2. You have been warned.

A semi-episodic look at the season 3 finale. And when I say semi, I mean focussing almost exclusively on the final 12 minutes.

Song: All Along the Watchtower
Artist: Bob Dylan and The Band
Album: Before the Flood (1974)

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