The Price is Right – April Fool’s Day…

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Tax Day Tea Party Roundup…GA update; plus Atlanta will have Hannity LIVE…

MM has coast to coast updates on Tax Day Tea Party Events..

Check in with the Tax Day Tea Party Site for a state by state listing of events…

GA: Hotlanta will have Hannity LIVE shaming CNN the TOTUS puppets who are headquartered there, LOL…

Sherri Reese
**State coordinators serve as liaisons between this national effort and local events and not as the organizer for each individual event. If you want to attend or volunteer for a listed event, contact the event coordinator. If you want to organize a new event, contact the state coordinator AND email Thanks!**

The following is a list of CONFIRMED Tea Party Tax Revolts planned within the state of Georgia. Please note that we ONLY list events happening on April 15th.


City: Atlanta
When: April 15, 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Where: Georgia State Capitol Building ~ Downtown Atlanta, 206 Washington St SW
Contact: EMAIL
Phone: Jenny Beth Martin 404.326.0936 or Amy Kremer 678.495.8271
Other Info:

Additional Info: Sean Hannity to broadcast Hannity’s America Live from the Atlanta Tea Party

Facebook Group: CLICK HERE


City: Augusta


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Supernatural Gag Reels (Season 1 and 2)…

Love this show

Fan vid below from kittyvipurrr:

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Glenn Beck: Rep. Manzullo on Geithner Regulatory Power Expansion….

Courtesy of Rep. Manzullo

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Sheila Bair on Toxic Asset Plan…

Bloomberg: For the Record

Analysis and discussion with FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair. (For The Record)

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LOTS Episode 17…

Part 1 of 5 (see saig3n for Parts 2-5)

Courtesy of saig3n

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Plymouth Fury rejects TOTUS GM Plan…

clip courtesy of sirstrongbad: The song on Christine’s radio is “Little Bitty Pretty One” by Thurston Harris *
Moochie Welch’s death scene

From the minds of Stephen King , John Carpenter and Plymouth…..with help from George Thoroughgood and the Destroyers…

Christine, John Carpenter (1983), on DVD

on Youtube courtesy of JudasPriest1992

Part One:


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Fast Money: Melissa Lee replaces Dylan Ratigan as Host…


Well I think Melissa Lee is great so I am glad ‘The Emissary’ got the seat, imagine if it had been TOTUS apologist Donny Deutsch! Ugh! Fast Money crew just congratulated Melissa….


In what was a mutual decision, Steel tells TVNewser, “Due to the serious economic times in which we live, we made a decision that it would be a distraction for Dylan to host ‘Fast Money’ today.”


Here’s Ratigan’s spicy take on how the crisis happened. Over the past few months, Ratigan has argued for greater transparency in the government bailout programs.

Ratigan Leaves CNBC, misses Friday Fast Money (warning NYT)

Dylan Ratigan, the longtime host of the CNBC program “Fast Money,” abruptly left the cable channel and the show on Friday, after a discussion with the network’s president, Mark Hoffman…

…Asked why he would walk away from a successful program where he had built a reputation for fast and funny delivery of the day’s financial news, Mr. Ratigan said, “I had the benefit of my contract coming to an end. This is an opportunity to take a pause and evaluate all my options.”

Mr. Ratigan said he decided not to appear on Friday’s show after he and Mr. Hoffman agreed it would be “a distraction.” He said he was grateful to CNBC for the opportunity “to create and host a show like this.”

Brian Steel, a spokesman for CNBC, said: “Dylan told us he was leaving effective today. We thank him for his quality work.” Mr. Ratigan, 36, who has been at CNBC for five years, has hosted “Fast Money” since 2006.

Several CNBC colleagues suggested Friday that Mr. Ratigan, while talented, was easy to anger and difficult to work with and that he had told people that at some point he envisioned himself heading an entertainment show like David Letterman’s….

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