Film: X Men Origins:Wolverine Trailer 3

Interview with Liev Schreiber (Victor Creed/Sabretooth) by Steve Weintraub here

Q: Can you take him?

LS: I can take him. [Laughter] No I really can. In fact I do. But the reality is that he’s become – Hugh since I’ve known him, I’ve known him a long time – has become this colossus of a man. He’s like he’s huge and muscles everywhere and I have to play this guy who whoops his ass. So as soon as I was finished ‘Defiance’ I began this kind of four month training period, weight lifting period genocide of chickens phase of my life where I just got bigger and bigger and it was awful but amazing and fun. When I finally got there and I got to choreograph the fights with Hugh and get on the wire and do the work it was not just fun, I saw some footage it’s pretty cool.


Trailer courtesy of JacobSheppard

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