Breaking: Financial Rescue Plan for Toxic Assets announced in Friday news dump?? uh-oh

Well this can’t be a good sign..


If our Secretary of the Treasury is so impaired we cannot announce the long awaited plan during market hours when we would have a monster bear market rally, get him the hexx out of there! Paging Jamie Dimon and Sheila Bair STAT!

WSJ Breaking:

The federal government will announce as soon as Monday a three-pronged plan to rid the financial system of toxic assets, betting that investors will be attracted to the combination of discount prices and government assistance. But the framework, designed to expand existing programs and create new mechanisms, relies heavily on participation from private-sector investors. …

…the program is smaller than originally envisioned, raising questions about whether it will be adequate to the task.

The administration’s plan, which has been eagerly awaited by jittery investors, includes creating an entity, backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., to purchase and hold loans.

In addition, the Treasury Department intends to expand a Federal Reserve facility to include older — so-called “legacy” — assets. Currently, it’s only set up to buy newly issued securities backing all manner of consumer loans. But some of the most toxic assets are securities created in 2005 and 2006.

Finally, the government is moving ahead with plans, sketched out by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner last month, to establish public-private investment funds to purchase mortgage-backed and other securities. These funds would be run by private investment managers but be financed with a combination of private money and capital from the government, which would share in any profit or loss…

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WH Press Conference: When Did Geithner Know

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Courtesy of AIGtl

Today’s White House Press Conference was dominated by questions concerning what Secretary Geithner knew and when he knew it about the AIG bonuses.

more about “WH Press Conference: When Did Geithne…“, posted with vodpod

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Update: BSG: Daybreak PT I recap…

This is it, tonight the final 2 hour episode…blub…

Tonight’s promo, after the break, courtesy of Prezesk1


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BSG: Gaius Baltar and Caprica Six


Created by Cait8915:

My…third Six & Baltar vid set to Shiny Toy Guns’s “Stripped.”
This is a little more…revealing than my other S/B vids, I wanted to make a ‘sexy’ video of the couple 🙂


Music by Shiny Toy Guns

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BSG: Tribute

SciFi Wire says the episode is 2 hours AND 11 MINUTES, don’t let your DVR run out of space…


Created by Starbuck62300:

Hommage a la meilleure série de tous les temps

Music ‘I Know’ by Placebo

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Market Update: Hope Gets In Your Eyes…

obama-biden-worried_tbi-079x079The burns!!!

Most UNready to lead on Day 1, Day 10, Day 30, 40, 50…. EVAH!

Averages down again, gee wonder why no one is going to TALF?? Hmmm could it be the crazed Congress Critters like Brad Sherman or the Union Bus Tours of AIG Executive homes?

90% bonus tax and does it hit all income over 150k, see Blodgett

And CBO says Team Obama Budget is off by a few trillion, media informs Americans not to worry this doesn’t mean he will “back down” on his “ambitious plans”( CNBC John Harwood)

Our dear leader, sans TelePrompter finally,  informs us he has been bowling in addition to the weekend jaunts and cocktail parties and then hurts millions of Americans with special needs children with his water head slur…

DOW now down 117 to 7283

S & P down 16 to 767

NAS down 31 to 1452

Quadruple Expiration or some such day, and hey an Equinox :0)

Geithner is caught lying or obfuscating as the government likes to call it, again by Ed at HA who has the tape…so why are they ginning up anti Business rage when these Critters, Kanjorski, Crowley, Geithner, TOTUS, all knew?

UPDATE: MM has coverage of Gibbs blundering and blustering behind the lecturn today on this, apparently a reporter briefly broke free of The Matrix and asked about the date discrepancy in Geithner and the WH timeline on AIG bonuses’…

Are they so dense they think killing TALF and TARP participation is okay as long as they are getting their tax the rich crap through? Do they lack the sense God gave Joe Biden to see there will be no rich to tax if they continue counter productive unAmerican class bashing?

Who the hell knows. What will fall into the Friday news dump today?

Well I am stocking up for a BSG marathon of EPIC proportions…go check out the Excellent site Battlestar Exras

A One Way Trip

5 oz. Fresh-brewed Coffee
3 oz Espresso Vodka
3 oz Vanilla Rum
4 oz Kahlua
Whipped Cream for Garnish
Add all ingredients to the pitcher of the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker.  Add ice as directed in the owners manual.  Makes 36 oz. of delicious frozen concoction.  Pour into individual serving glasses and garnish with whipped cream.

We’ve had some comments about the shortage of Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Makers in the fleet.  For those of you lacking one this recipe is easily adapted as a cocktail.  You’ll miss the exciting blender show but it will be just as tasty “on the rocks”.

Party On Patriots…


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BSG: Kara and Lee


Created by EVG4815:

A music video featuring Lee and Kara from Battlestar Galactica with the song “It´s All Coming Back To Me Now´” by Meat Loaf and Marion Raven.

The video clips belong to Universal/SciFi.


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BSG: Final Frak Party…Toronto…

Via TVAddict:

March 20th, 9-11PM
Doors open at 8PM

The Sports Centre Cafe
49 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto Ontario, M4V1K6
Click here for Map

• TV’s everywhere, including two giant screens
• Food (and not just algae)
• The original BSG finale death pool
• Door prizes

$5 to help cover the cost of food.
(Drinks not included)
(The party is 100% not for profit)

In order to get a more accurate idea with regards to the number of people we can expect, we would greatly appreciate if you could RSVP on our Facebook Group.

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