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Update:1:23pm EST: DOW up 171 to 7921, S&P up 18 to 831, NAS up 49 to 1578. TOTUS Townhall Video below:

On single payor healthcare:

on legalising mowie wowie, many Ron Paul voters who went Obama will be shocked, simply shocked I say..in fact he insults the millions who voted on his online site for that question too..tsk tsk..BWAAAHAAAAAHAAAA

UPDATE: TOTUS just said if Auto Makers wont restructure we wont pour in more money. Rattner just released a leak that they will need MANY billions more..so I guess we will be getting a HOMERMOBILE on the showroom floor, oh noes!

Timmeh is on the Hill again, this time on the Obama Team regulatory authority expansion…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

TOTUS is having an online Town Hall, he just told a woman looking for jobs that were outsourced to come back,that we need to work at high tech jobs that cannot be outsourced yada yada…

then he went right to Green Jobs and mentioned 90k a year Union jobs on the smart grid for electricians.

My grandfather, God Bless Him, was an electrician. I don’t have the head for it, thus my BA not a BS, which is pretty useless for Green Jobs.

Will TOTUS wipe out my student loans and retrain us all for his brave green world?

A degree is not a guarantee of a job TOTUS!!  We are so screwed in the middle. We can’t get manual labor work, ask any teenager over the summer, need not apply. We ARE getting high paying IT jobs outsourced, TOTUS may want to rethink his understanding there …

.and all our call centers are being outsourced, now TOTUS will make our medical records electronic as well, so goodbye to all you record clerks and billers..

I disagree with his whole premise…he said we cannot continue to have low skilled jobs in America since we will keep getting replaced by foreign workers. Gee far cry from the candidate who promised to bring American jobs home and rewrite NAFTA..tsk tsk

Thurs. Mar. 26 2009 | 6:08 AM ET

The Treasury’s plan calls for some hedge funds, private equity firms and venture capital firms to register with the SEC, reports CNBC’s Mary Thompson.

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