Gordon Brown to G20: Spendaholics of the World Unite!

Somebody save us from these loons, they are spending us ALL into the next millenium..they want GLOBAL bankruptcy apparently to ensure no one can recover..

Now that TOTUS has his budget to bankrupt us for generations sailing along nicely, he is off for the second leg of his Grand Tour in which he and Gordon Brown convince the rest of the industrialized world that they too can make friends and influence people, if they just keep spending…

WTH is wrong with these people?


A draft G20 communique shows Britain wants the group of leading economies to pledge $2 trillion in stimulus when they meet in London next week, German magazine Der Spiegel reported…

In the draft communique it cited, the magazine also said the $2 trillion was in brackets, showing that it is a proposal by G20 president Britain that has not been approved by the broader group. Der Spiegel said the draft stated the stimulus would boost growth by 2 percentage points and employment by 19 million….

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who will host the April 2 summit, has said he expects world leaders to do “whatever it takes” to create growth and jobs when they come together.

The draft cited by Der Spiegel includes the following pledge: “We are determined to restore growth, resist protectionism and to reform our markets and institutions for the future.” It continues: “We believe that an open world economy, based on the principles of the market, effective regulation and strong global institutions, can ensure sustainable globalisation with rising well-being for all.”

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Must See TV…

this clip is just a must see, LOL

Courtesy of American Glob:

Glenn Beck gets Bill O’Reilly to wear a pair of Mickey Mouse ears….

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SciFi: Firefly Episodes…

youtube just gives and gives, lol, now Firefly…(Hulu episodes here)


For anyone new to Firefly, here are two parts of the first episode  Sadly FOX cancelled the show and showed the episodes in a different order than intended, making it harder to gain traction in its first outing…but please give Firefly and Dollhouse a chance..(SciFi aired the episodes in the correct order, as Joss intended, listing below)…Available on blu-ray

These two parts of Serenity are faster paced, if you enjoy them, go watch them in order on FireflyEpisodes

Serenity, Part 8

Serenity, Part 9

From TV.com forums, the intended order for viewing Firefly:

The correct order of episodes is:
Serenity (parts 1 & 2)
The Train Job
Our Mrs. Reynolds
Out of Gas
War Stories
The Message
Heart of Gold
Objects in Space


Clips courtesy of Fireflyepisodes:

Malcolm Reynolds is a veteran and the captain of Serenity. He and his crew are smuggling goods, but they need to pick up some passengers for extra money. However, not all the passengers are what they seem.

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