Obama Backs Away from Promised Dont Ask Dont Tell Repeal…

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Four Words for those who went on and on and on about this during the Democratic Primaries and blogged on and on AND ON  about how superior TOTUS would be to Big Dawg on this..


A change to the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward gays in the military will be delayed despite promises by the Obama administration to overturn the rule, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday.

“The president and I feel like we’ve got a lot on our plates right now and let’s push that one down the road a little bit,” Gates told “FOX News Sunday.”

In January, President Obama’s spokesman, Robert Gibbs, was asked whether his boss would overturn “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Gibbs’ reply — videotaped for YouTube — was unequivocal.

“You don’t hear politicians give a one-word answer much. But it’s ‘Yes,'” Gibbs said.

But Gates now says the Pentagon will continue to enforce the existing policy, which bars service members from proclaiming their sexual orientation and commanding officers from asking about it. However, the policy states that if it becomes known that a service member is gay, he or she is to be removed from the military.

“It continues to be the law and any change in policy would require a change in the law,” Gates said. “We will follow the law, whatever it is.

“That dialogue, though, has really not progressed very far at this point in the administration,” he added.


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G20: International Joy as World Leaders Meet to Spend More Money…

G20 Protests Paris, Berlin., London

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Update: Rick Wagoner pushed out of GM….

Update: Monday 9:00am: Market futures down…Dow 187

TOTUS to announce Auto Plan at 11:00am EST…they let Bob Nardelli keep his job can you believe that? the WOTS is that Chrysler will be filing a prepackaged bankruptcy of some sort…Nardelli was the poster child for ceo pay when he left Home Depot after mere months with mondo millions and tanked that stock before Cerberus gave him the Chrysler gig…

It’s a Hard Knock Life Baby, make that JEEP shine like the top of the Chrysler Building!!!(or Nardellis head!), I wonder if someone will cover my JEEP warranty?!


Wow!!! This man WAS GM the past few years, he was widely viewed as the leader of the Big 3, which isn’t really fiar since Ford’s Alan Mulally is the man who pulled a miracle and kept FORD out of this Pandora’s Box that Government Help has become…

So TOTUS is announcing Rattner’s Plan manyana, and Wagoner gets dumped on Sunday night? Oh man the bond holders must be screwed…which would mean American business is screwed IMO if they screw tr

he debt holders….breaking contracts and all…I mean who is in charge of GM now? Not Rattner surely..I said dont call me shirely….lol

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Possibly the greatest of the Brill Building classics. Someone put this up awhile back but it disappeared, so here it is again. Robert Goulet was just goofing around but Steve Allen put down rock and roll every chance he could. Well, he’s gone now and Mary Weiss is still singing. So there.


General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner is stepping down as head of the embattled automaker CNBC has learned Sunday.

Wagoner’s resignation comes as the company awaits president Barack Obama’s reports on efforts to save GM and Chrysler

It is unclear if Wagoner’s resignation is one of the stipulations for the federal government to lend billions more to GM. But sources close to the talks say tough conditions will be attached to any future aid.

President Obama will update the public on the Treasury Department’s next step in helping GM and Chrysler on Monday afternoon.

A senior White House official did not deny to CNBC that the Obama administration influenced Wagoner’s departure.

Asked if the administration forced him out, the senior official replied, “‘forced’ is a little strong.”

Wagoner has served as CEO since 2000. Under his leadership, GM has steadily lost market share in North America while becoming the dominant automaker in China, where it is currently number one

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Fox Friday: TSCC – Dollhouse

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30 Minutes to Mars – From Yesterday

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Obama’s Middle Class Tax Cut…

Don’t be too quick expanding your budget with that $13.0o…

From Third Base Politics via AceHQ

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April Fools Virus…

The IT folks tell me there is an April Fools Virus out and about…MiM will have autoposts up for a few days around April 1st…..

We’ll be back up in time for the G20 wrapup, LOL…..

Jacksonville News:

A computer virus rumored to go into effect on April Fools Day may have already infected millions of PCs, according to some computer experts.

They said a virus may well be worming its way through the bowels of some people’s computers, and on April 1 the computer world will either be the victim of a huge hoax or a huge headache.

“It’s triggered by date, but April 1 is supposed to be the date this virus is executed,” said lead Geek Choice technician Mike Burns. “When it hits, I’ll take care of it. That is my job.”Burns said the virus known as the Conficker Worm, which is believed to activate on April Fool’s Day, is a very real threat.

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Tax Day Tea Party: TX – San Antonio, Boerne…

Courtesy of sateaparty:

Promo Video for the San Antonio Tea Party – April 15th, 2009. http://www.sateaparty.info

Tea Party website here

San Antonio, TX
When: April 15, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Venue: Raymond Russell Park UPDATE: THE ALAMO!!!!!

Boerne, TX April 15 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Boerne Main Plaza (corner of Main and Blanco Streets)
E-mail: BoerneTXTeaParty@gmail.com


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