Fast Money: Melissa Lee replaces Dylan Ratigan as Host…


Well I think Melissa Lee is great so I am glad ‘The Emissary’ got the seat, imagine if it had been TOTUS apologist Donny Deutsch! Ugh! Fast Money crew just congratulated Melissa….


In what was a mutual decision, Steel tells TVNewser, “Due to the serious economic times in which we live, we made a decision that it would be a distraction for Dylan to host ‘Fast Money’ today.”


Here’s Ratigan’s spicy take on how the crisis happened. Over the past few months, Ratigan has argued for greater transparency in the government bailout programs.

Ratigan Leaves CNBC, misses Friday Fast Money (warning NYT)

Dylan Ratigan, the longtime host of the CNBC program “Fast Money,” abruptly left the cable channel and the show on Friday, after a discussion with the network’s president, Mark Hoffman…

…Asked why he would walk away from a successful program where he had built a reputation for fast and funny delivery of the day’s financial news, Mr. Ratigan said, “I had the benefit of my contract coming to an end. This is an opportunity to take a pause and evaluate all my options.”

Mr. Ratigan said he decided not to appear on Friday’s show after he and Mr. Hoffman agreed it would be “a distraction.” He said he was grateful to CNBC for the opportunity “to create and host a show like this.”

Brian Steel, a spokesman for CNBC, said: “Dylan told us he was leaving effective today. We thank him for his quality work.” Mr. Ratigan, 36, who has been at CNBC for five years, has hosted “Fast Money” since 2006.

Several CNBC colleagues suggested Friday that Mr. Ratigan, while talented, was easy to anger and difficult to work with and that he had told people that at some point he envisioned himself heading an entertainment show like David Letterman’s….

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  1. Cnbc fast money emissary replied:

    […] Fast Money: Melissa Lee replaces Dylan Ratigan as Host… В« Moderate … Mar 30, 2009 … the-emissary. Well I think Melissa Lee is great so I am glad 'The Emissary' got the seat, imagine if it had been … Ratigan Leaves CNBC, misses Friday Fast Money (warning NYT) … […]


  2. Ralph Mangan Jr. replied:

    Melissa is fantastic. She is just what is needed on a show like Fast Money, the ability to think fast and cut short the simultaneous talking that makes other shows very difficultg to watch. Go Melissa and keep on fist bumping, because you are on a roll!


  3. Francesca Allen replied:

    Dylan was Honest and Sincere about what he believed in, and I don’t think that should of cost him his job!! No one should have to play ball if they think there is some wrong doing going on. I noticed in the last few weeks on there air, Dylan was very displeased with certain topics that he had to report on, especially when he had to sugar-coated. That is not who he is a sugar-coating type of guy. He is passionate about the events that matter and should be allowed to report on them honestly. He will be sorely missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Alan Gunn replied:

    Dylan was authentic and told the truth. It appears that CNBC doesn’t value that. Melisssa lee is a good soldier. I will really know the fix is in when Jeff disapears. He has been the most accurate during the last year. Najerian just hogs airtime and tells me what is working after it is too late to buy but is a good time to sell. My guess is that his record would be similar to Crammer’s You have to buy 3 days before he talks about it.


  5. joan david replied:

    Dylan Ratigan MADE THE SHOW!!!!! Its now become a bore.
    I will follow him where ever he goes. He will be hired by another network and bring his audience with him.
    The show has lost its edge.


  6. Lee replied:

    It is obvious that NBC stepped in and told the Fast Money team to play along and never never question what the Barack Obama regime is doing. Have you noticed that since Cramer got creamed and occasionally questioned the Obama deficits and methods that he now is only waxing Barack is Beautiful, wonderful and all things to all people since coming back…. NBC has given him the order to fall in line


  7. P. M. Roberts replied:

    Maybe someone could wash Melissa Lee’s greasy hair and comb it
    out of her face. I probably will not watch the program
    any more — Dylan was so much better — explained when
    the dialogue got too esoteric.


  8. Judith replied:

    I love this blog and would like to say that one of the reasons I watched FAST MONEY was Dylan. I agree that Melissa is grating and annoying and I try to watch the show on mute. I too feel the show will go off without him.

    Thanks for the info and the opportunity for me to get this out.


  9. judy replied:

    I miss Dylan Ratigan. He brought energy, and lots of it, to the Fast Money. I hope he will come back to host the show again.


  10. jon replied:

    Will miss Mr. Ratigan as he was inciteful,knowledgeable sliced to the truth and was funny and responsive

    I agree with comment about Mellisa Lee’s voice – irritating and her style robotic.

    The show will now die – it is to bad as I found it the most useful daily assessment of financial markets

    sounds like CNBC senior management is just like the morons at MSNBC who are so opinionated they cannot get out of their own way

    I would bet Radigan shows up on Fox Biz with Eric Bolling who was his budy when the Fast Money show started ? Any insight on this


  11. Patty replied:

    We love melissa!!! She keeps the show going and we get alot more information when she does the show…Were glad she’s hosting..We love MESISSA!! GREAT CHANGE!!

    Dylan was ranting way to much!! lost contact public…


  12. fast money replied:

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  13. Robert Nicholson replied:

    Yes Melissa Lee is a robot who can only read a teleprompter and remember the bit on “that’s that way the cookie crumbles WRT to contract law”

    personally Melissa Lee’s voice is the most annoying on television.

    Her voice is just so grating and hurts your ears.


    • ginaswo replied:

      I dont like the way she cuts away from an interview when they run out of time but at loeast she isnt a cheerleader, seriously donnie just says GREAT BARACK about everything


  14. Ben deIpolyi replied:

    Sporry to see him go.


  15. jolie replied:

    I am really sorry to see Dylan Radigan leave. His was about the only voice on CNBC that spoke truth to power and called for real accountability. With the debacle of the economy, it’s become more and more clear to me that CNBC is more a handmaiden of Wall Street than an objective news source.


  16. matt replied:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).


  17. Fast Money: Melissa Lee replaces Dylan Ratigan as Host… replied:

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