Maricopa County Sheriffs Office Fights Back: Message to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon-Shut Up…

WooHoo! Right On, these folks are PROTECTING US. Let’s give them the support they deserve, God Bless them.

Mayor Gordon accuses the Maricopa County Police Department of  Arizona of (sic) racial profiling. Mayor Gordon is standing with activist groups. The police department arrest people for criminal offenses (sic), illegal immigration, etc. They are put on the line against the illegal immigrants that are coming in from Mexico, and they are the only line of defense when they come into the state.

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  1. realisticone replied:

    Yep the Maricopa County Judicial system plays favorites too. I saw a woman, who because the APPEARED to be hispanic, got huge concessions in court for doing nothing! In fact, she illegally identified herself with an expired ID to local police during a domestic dispute there in Mohave Valley / Bullhead City, and even after city attorneys were made aware of the fact she’d committed an identity crime, they STILL turned a blind eye.

    This woman committed crimes that if you or I did it, they’d put us in jail. Her? She got a brief lecture in court and a clean getaway.


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