TOTUS Goes Dr. No with Weather Machine…

From AceHQ:

No, really, he wants to seed clouds or blast reflective particles into the upper atmosphere to protect us from the invisible killers known as “sunrays.”

Can the sphere of Logans Run or the total shield around the planet from Highlander Part Whatever be far behind? How about the Lex Luther solution to lack of waterfront property in CA? You know where he detonates a missile on the San Andreas fault and sends it into the sea? Mr Burns had a machine that blocked out the sun, is that in the pipeline hmmn? How about water conservation like in Total Recall on Mars? These folks are out there man and full of hubris…

2000 years from now, Obots break free of the sphere and find THE SUN!!!  (Followed by fascists who want to eliminate anyone over 30..hmmmnnn….)

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What would a marriage between George Romero and Jane Austen produce? ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’

Well, a really new spin on a much redone classic. I mean every other meme has been done on P & P after all…The review is sadly a pan, but hey still a great gag gift, I would pay to see the film :0)

pridezombies-thumb-300x425-15965SciFiWire Book Review:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Quirk Books, $12.95), (MiM here-  available on Amazon for $7.12), credited to Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, presents the plot and much of the text from from the classic novel, with the addition of ambulatory rotting corpses in search of living people to devour. The alteration leaves the original surprisingly intact, altering some of the referents and dialogue and adding violent encounters to present a landscape under siege from the living dead.

…Elizabeth, the toughest and fairest of them all, can be followed both taking an intense dislike to Mr. Darcy and tossing a lit flame into a gathering of oil-soaked zombies, while muttering dialogue that serves as hybrid between Romero-movie one-liners and feminine sass. “Let them burn,” she snarls. “Let them have a taste of eternity.”…

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Star Trek World Premiere in Austin, TX with Leonard Nimoy…

Clips courtesy of MightyBest:

Fans were invited to a screening of The Wrath of Khan, but when the film burned in the gate, Leonard Nimoy burst through the doors to save the day with a print of the new Star Trek film. Thanks to Paramount and Leonard Nimoy, Austin hosted the world premiere of Star Trek on April 6, 2009 at 10:00 PM

…Disguised in a trenchcoat and hat, Leonard Nimoy slowly made his way to the stage at which point I yelled out an expletive I cannot repeat here. The crowd went nuts. You can watch the whole exchange in the link above, but sadly the camera doesn’t capture the undistiilled excitement of the crowd. We were pumped. But did the film live up to the expectations after an intro like that?

Yes. Yes it did. In short the film is incredible. A loving, riveting return to a series long crippled by spinoffs, studio meddling, budget restraints and a slavish adherence to continuity that was occasionally grappled to some very silly tropes. While this is a reboot of the series, complete with a huge budget, some big name actors and special effect sequences that dwarf anything you’ve seen before in a Trek film. But this is a lot more than a summer blockbuster reboot.remake. It has heart. A lot of heart. This movie loves the series and its character so much that it hurts and strives at every turn to ensure that the characters are represented as they were intended…

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Market Update: TALF Program Loses Momentum and Insurers Await TARP Decision – Bloomberg

Midday DOW up 60 to 7850, S&P up 9 to 825 and NAS up 27 to 1589. Street happy about uptick restoration (in SEC comment period now) and possible elimination of naked shorts..

Insurers are the latest group to line up with their hands out to get taxpayer money. Maybe they feel safe since they have state regulators, good luck with that. (Bloomberg News)

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And the Federal Reserve’s TALF program fell FLAT. Gee wonder why no one wants to get in bed with this Administration and Congress? SHOCKAH!!!

TALF program is losing momentum that could spell trouble for the bank’s effort to revive consumer lending. (Bloomberg News)

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CBC and ACORN decry human rights violations in AZ but see nothing wrong in Cuba….

So the CBC sees nothing wrong with CUBA’s human rights violations but they are launching a national movement against our Sheriff here in Maricopa County, AZ?

Gee HYPOCRITICAL MUCH? Go away Rev Al go far far away..

We have lost more jobs in AZ since the recession began than any state except Michigan. This will blow up in a bad way. Go help the Cubans Rev Al. To be perfectly clear, this is an attempt to suppress our local law enforcement and then come in with Census..yep.


…Did they by chance ask whether the Castros offer that kind of hospitality and friendship to people who just want to vote freely in open elections?  Or do they get thrown into prisons and accused of treason for their desire to have a representative democracy run Cuba instead of a military junta serving the dictators who suckered them into the meeting? Apparently not.  Supposedly, Democrats stand for human rights, but these Democrats went to a nation with one of the world’s worst records on human rights — and talked about Barack Obama….

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“Hitler’s Reaction to The Sarah Connor Chronicles Cancellation”

It’s that time again. this time with TSCC…

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From LouiseBreen:

When Hitler finds out Terminator the Sarah Connor chronicles has been canceled he is very annoyed. His friends try to persuade him to watch terminator salvation but he doesn’t like so he decides to make his own terminator fan film. lets hope it isn’t canceled in real life

And another fan creation, from Lawliette. You know FOX should look at Youtube to see how many fans there are, and in so many countries as well.  I have NEVER met ANYONE with a Neilsen box, EVER….

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Terminator: Salvation Teaser Trailer 4

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UPDATE: Sheriff Joe subpoenas ACORN: Video mashup with Congressional Hearing on 287G and the need to maintain it…Joe Arpaio Responds To Sharpton/Acorn Call For Him To Resign

(Note: Above video from April, when witchhunts and hearings began( at whose request??) and leading to ACORN’s Bertha Lewis as well as Rev Al Sharpton coming to Phoenix in June and throwing down the race card on our Sheriffs Office with an assist from Phoenix Mayor and DEM tool Phil Gordon)

Big Dawg defends Americans, disagrees with Carter: Just caught Pt II of Maria Bartiromo’s interview with the Big Dawg on CNBC. She asked him about Jimmy Carter’s comment, He said he agrees with the President (Obama via Gibbs comments that this is not race based) on this and that Obama has to win the healthcare arguments on the merits. He said people want to be able to disagree. He noted people objected to his (Clinton’s) healthcare plan too, and that Obama got a majroity of the vote and had high approval ratings. He said he believes Americnas have moved beyond that (racism) and are in the 21st Century. Thank you Big Dawg!

Update 9/18/09: BWAAAHAAAA!! KARMIC BACKLASH!! Sheriff Joe has subpoenaed ACORN now to get proof they are the instigators of the frivolous profiling lawsuits and the orchestrated campaign against him from Justice! no doubt!! Recall our posts on Bertha Lewis and Al Sharpton on Lou Dobbs maligning Sheriff Joe..see here and here RIGHTEOUS! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF! REAP THE WHIRLWIND BABY!

Via a quote from the HuffPo piece (which you will note is replete with spelling errors, including Sheriff Joe’s name, they must be losin it!):

Phoenix, Arizona — Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio issued subpoenas against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) late Thursday in relation to a civil rights lawsuit that Arpaio believes ACORN helped instigate against him.

For months, Arpaio and ACORN have been at odds over immigration enforcement conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) under 287(g) agreements with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Earlier this year, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis demanded that Arpaio step down. Then in June, she and Reverand Al Sharpton traveled to Phoenix to protest against Arapio.

Regarding that visit to Phoenix, Arpaio says, “With all the recent revelations about ACORN, it wouldn’t surprise me that they paid for Sharpton’s visit and are funding the protesters outside my office, and I’ll bet they are funding this frivolous lawsuit.”(…)

Read more at:

UPDATE: Mashup with Congressional Hearing Testimony that NO PROOF of racial profiling in jurisdictions using 287G was EVER shown and how imperative it is we maintain 287G since we do not have enough ICE officers, Phoenix is America’s capitol of kidnapping.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio went on Neil Cavuto to respond to Al Sharpton and Acorn’s call for him to resign.

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