Star Trek World Premiere in Austin, TX with Leonard Nimoy…

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Fans were invited to a screening of The Wrath of Khan, but when the film burned in the gate, Leonard Nimoy burst through the doors to save the day with a print of the new Star Trek film. Thanks to Paramount and Leonard Nimoy, Austin hosted the world premiere of Star Trek on April 6, 2009 at 10:00 PM

…Disguised in a trenchcoat and hat, Leonard Nimoy slowly made his way to the stage at which point I yelled out an expletive I cannot repeat here. The crowd went nuts. You can watch the whole exchange in the link above, but sadly the camera doesn’t capture the undistiilled excitement of the crowd. We were pumped. But did the film live up to the expectations after an intro like that?

Yes. Yes it did. In short the film is incredible. A loving, riveting return to a series long crippled by spinoffs, studio meddling, budget restraints and a slavish adherence to continuity that was occasionally grappled to some very silly tropes. While this is a reboot of the series, complete with a huge budget, some big name actors and special effect sequences that dwarf anything you’ve seen before in a Trek film. But this is a lot more than a summer blockbuster reboot.remake. It has heart. A lot of heart. This movie loves the series and its character so much that it hurts and strives at every turn to ensure that the characters are represented as they were intended…

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