Homage to Dylan Ratigan’s CNBC Days…

While we wait to see where Dylan appears next, the WOTS is  ABC ,

I refreshed before publishing and Dylan has Tweeted confirmation he is moving to ABC,

Okay, Najarian says it is a fake Twitter, LOL!! Hey he has a non compete clause so they can’t say much…we know he will go somewhere :0)

Business Insider:

Former CNBC anchor Dylan Ratigan is probably headed to ABC News. When? We don’t know.

Earlier, “Ratigan” confirmed the move on Twitter: “yes, going to ABC stay tuned,” he said.

But CNBC regular Jon Najarian says the “dylanratigan” account on Twitter is fake.

Earlier: This move, which has been rumored since Ratigan quit his job at CNBC last week, could give Ratigan a much larger, broader audience than he had at NBC’s business cable network.

Reached for comment, ABC rep Jeffrey Schneider wouldn’t discuss the supposed deal, probably because he can’t: Ratigan reportedly has a six-month noncompete clause with CNBC. Schneider did tell us the same thing he told the AP last week: “We think the world of Dylan Ratigan.”..

A look back at some of our favorite Dylan moments on CNBC..

The remake of the Charlie/Dylan ‘What I Got’ episode just splits my sides every frakkin time….


Holiday Fave Carol of the Trades




Dylan plays gourd on WPLJ…

and just for fun, the good ole days when Kudlow and Cramer went head to head, the Odd Couple of CNBC it was great..

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  1. NANCY HALL replied:

    Thanks for the news on Dillon Ratigan. I’ve been trying to find out where he went. I even called and e-mailed CNBC. Needless to say, I did not receive a reply. He is one of the brightest, wittiest people I’ve ever seen. Thanks again

    Nancy in Georgia


    • ginaswo replied:

      You’re very welcome :0)

      I miss Dylan too…word is he has several offers but CNBC-NBC chief Zucker, ugh, has a no compete clause he wont waive so we have to wait 60 days to see Dylan I think
      Fast Money just is not the same without him
      I only watch The Call and Kudlow now….


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