Stimulus Unemployment 13 week Extension Update…

Ahh FINALLY, some clarity on WTH is going on with the 13 week unemployment benefits extension in the states.

Dissecting this piece in the AZ Republic we get to the bottom of how states have to qualify:

Arizona has an opportunity to take advantage of an additional 13 weeks of federal unemployment benefits that could help more than 33,000 residents this year, but lawmakers have been hesitant to accept the funds. Getting the federal stimulus money requires action by the Legislature by the end of its session this spring…

A change in state law on what would trigger the extended benefits is needed to take the money. Arizona officials were confused over contradictory information they had received about whether they could change the law back to keep the state from having to pay the extended benefits once the federal dollars run out.

Although the state and federal government usually split the cost of extended benefits, federal stimulus dollars would pay 100 percent in this case...

So WTH is the delay? Well the state legislators are afraid of hidden strings and who can blame them with Congress Critters running wild changing roolz midgame left and right, Congress is creating this problem just as it is with TALF everyone is afraid to participate.

We have no less than 7 members of the Congressional Black Caucus trying to normalize relations with Cuba while Rev Al and vote fraud riddled ACORN demand OUR ELECTED Sheriff resign is insane…now it is affecting our UE extensions =nationwide= because no one trusts these maroons in D.C….

In addition to having concerns over any long-term consequences, many Arizona lawmakers are leery of requirements from Washington. Federal officials said Arizona can reverse the law. The state can add a “sunset clause” into the legislation that “ends the benefits when 100 percent of federal funding ends,” said Peggy Abrahamson, a Labor Department spokeswoman…

…Arizona lawmakers are still studying the details of the sunset provision. “If we can sunset it when the federal money goes away, fine,” said House Appropriations Chairman John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills….

Here is the guts of the extension provision:

The change in state law necessary to receive the funds would include wording that would trigger 13 weeks of extended benefits whenever the unemployment rate exceeds 6.5 percent over a three-month period.

Current AZ benefits:

Arizonans are currently eligible to receive up to 59 weeks of unemployment benefits. The average length of time collecting benefits is between 16 and 17 weeks, according to the Arizona Department of Economic Security….Jobless benefits in the state, including a recent $25 addition by the federal government, total a maximum of $265 a week…

Additional UE EXPANSION to P/T workers and some voluntary terminations are still being debated in AZ, but I cannot see it passing here, one of our state legislators already announced we ‘would not follow the nation into socialism’ and told constituents to move out if they think they need more funds and social services after June 2009:

…In a separate matter, House Democrats on Monday called for Brewer to accept $132 million from the federal government for Arizona to modernize its unemployment insurance system…Changes could include providing unemployment benefits to part-time workers or those in job-training programs and allowing unemployment-insurance eligibility to be extended…

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  1. Mark replied:

    I read an article at that said few will be eligble for the 20 weeks. My last week of unemployment was the week ending Oct 24, 2009 in Ohio.

    The article states:

    “So even if a person could start collecting on the latest extension today, the calendar will run out before they can get all 20 weeks of benefits. As currently written, they will get one additional week for the second extension and, because their unemployment will carry into next year, 13 weeks of FedEd, for a maximum of 14 weeks.”

    With 7 to 8 weeks left in the year, does that mean everyone will be in the first extension when the year ends and we will all only get 1 week for the second extension? Why even bother putting the 20 weeks in there if this is true?!


  2. neil levine replied:

    does that mean they finally passed the extension????????????????????????????


    • ginaswo replied:

      not yet, if they pass the second cloture vote, THEN 30 hrs AFTER that vote, they can take a FINAL vote, THEN if that vote passes it will go to the House who will have ONE vote, THEN it goes to Obama to sign.

      Harry Reids total incompetence is STUNNING


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