Copycat Tea Party Epic Fail….

A group including blogger Jame Hamsher tried to have a counter culture sort of Reverse Tea Party in D.C. today, EPIC FAIL. These folks don’t seem able to grasp the simple concept that for many of us, the spending in D.C. is out of control in a mere 60 days and the people at Tea Parties are trying to Stop the Spending. We are trying to preserve what we believe is necessary for our children and for America to survive let alone prosper….these nincompoops think it’s a joke like stuffing a VW BUG…/rant off

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A liberal version of the popular Tea Party movement stages an epic fail in Washington, DC, on April 11, 2009. The group’s website claimed more that 400 people would attend, but only about a dozen lonely souls showed up.

Turnout was so bad that one of the organizers tried to claim that DC rallies “always set the record for low turnout.” Guess that guy’s never heard of the March on Washington. Or the Million Man March. Or this week’s Taxpayer Tea Party on April 15.

Also of note was a claim by liberal blogger Jane Hamsher that the real Tea Parties are “financed by Fox News” and that the movement is “just a bunch of people on the conservative end who are pissed off that they’re not the ones stealing right now.” Whatever that means. Of course, when I asked her about her comments afterward, she refused to answer and walked away.

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Tucson Tea Party Preparations – AZ Tax Day Tea Party – (Pause video to stop autoplay)

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Here Comes Peter Cottontail (1971)….

Rankin/Bass Classic, Part One

Courtesy of fantomfriend, (see youtube channel for PT 2-5):

Rankin/Bass puppets tell the story how Peter Cottontail became the official Easter rabbit.
(Narrated by Danny Kaye and special villian “Irontail” voiced by Vincent Price).

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Update: Tax Day Tea Party AZ: Rep. Shadegg, KFYI: Arizona and Operation ASU…

Update: 4/13: Update on AZ – Phoenix – attendees and sponsors below. MiM will be there covering for PJM:

WHO:,the AZ chapter of American for Prosperity (, American Political, KFYI 550 AM, Prop 13 Arizona, Arizona Tax Revolt and many other allied pro-taxpayer organizations, a thousand-plus taxpayer activists from around the state, Congressman John Shadegg, Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce and Arizona’s best legislators, and several local media personalities, including J.D Hayworth, Bruce Jacobs, Mike Broomhead, Austin Hill, and others.
WHAT: We are protesting against the trillions of dollars in government spending, pork projects and bad economic policies of the Obama administration (including both parties). We want to make sure congress knows that “Americans DO care about these little pork projects”, and we want them to stop wasting our hard earned money and mortgaging our families economic future.

WHERE: AZ state capitol building. 1700 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ. We have reserved the Senate Lawn from 5:30 to 7:00 on the evening of April 15. (If we run over, thats fine…no worries)

WHEN: April 15, 2009 @ 5:30 pm

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It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown..

Part One

Courtesy of Loqcaxx, (click for remainder of cartoon)

Snoopy and the Dancing Bunnies:

Courtesy of chickiechickie

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House, M.D.: Bloopers and Valley Girl Reels S2 & 3…

Season 3

S3 Valley Girls

Season 2

S2 Valley Girls

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