Chicago Tea Party lesson from the Patriots to CNN…what happened after CNN cut tape…RedEye on MSM coverage of tea parties…

From Ace

Keep watching, after the TOTUS Tool CNN hack Susan Roesgen cut tape, bloggers arrived and filmed an American Mom instructing CNN about reality..

Courtesy of pixelverse:

Chicago Tea Party – tax day 2009

Courtesy of johnnydollar01 and HA

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  1. Tea Party Patriots: Steny Hoyer D-MD shouted down in Utica, NY …”Obama took 6 months to pick a dog and you are shoving health care through in weeks?” « Moderate in the Middle replied:

    […] projecting astroturfing and busing of crowds onto regular people. We saw how this worked for Susan Roesgen at CNN during our tea party. It went so well she lost her job and CNN ratings are pathetic. And this is the new winning […]


  2. John replied:

    Susan Roesgen would do much better covering politics in Russia and or Afghanistan or better yet a further journalism degree from Hugo Chavez. I don’t think Susan would enjoy the acrimonious life currently consuming her for very long.


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