Dallas and Boerne Tea Party Videos…


Courtesy of reekonet:

the best signs at the Dallas Tea Party at City Hall, April 15th 2009. for more info go to


videography by  G.I. Woodshop, Inc., http://www.giwoodshop.com

“Elephants and Asses, Fleecing the Masses”

Keep watching, Boerne Tea Party starts at 1:20

Courtesy of runningwithscissors:

” Party like it’s 1776! “

” Who thinks it’s time we stop letting pork and pigs run our country? We the people! ”

” It’s time for the tail to stop wagging the dog! ”

” Let me keep my money and guns, you can keep the ‘Change’ ”

” Broke Oh-bummer. ”

” Change: What’s left after Taxes! ”

” Somebody stole my piggy bank… “

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TSCC: The Crusading Knight reviews Ep 2.14-15…


From The Crusading Knight:


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Legend of the Seeker – Trailer ‘Mirror’ 1.18

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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State Budget Battles, CA Unemployment hits 11.2%…

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TGIF!! – Saturday Night Live: Eddie Murphy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Best of Eddie on SNL, Velvet Jones, Mister Robinsons Neighborhood, and Prose and Cons

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ILM new Enterprise for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek film…

ooohh new USS Enterprise, how bad is it that I hear Isn’t She Lovely in my head when I see it? LOL!!!scifi pron!!! go to the scifiwire link to click on their image and expand it…


SciFiWire has the scoop in an interview with ILM:

….How updated is the Enterprise?

Roger Guyett, visual effects supervisor: When I was a kid—when I bought toys or when I built things—I always wanted stuff to move. And one thing that frustrated me about the original Enterprise was that nothing moves on it. It was just a very static thing. …

I don’t know how familiar you are with all of the terminology of the Enterprise, but there is a main hull, which is the big disk. There is a secondary hull, which is a tube, and then you have two engines. And at the front of the bottom sort of cylinder there is this thing called the “collection plate” [aka the navigational deflector in Trek parlance]. We made ours move, so it actually sort of comes out, and it grows, and you can move it around. We just made the whole thing much more contemporary.

And also when the ship goes into warp; of course, we had to create our version of warp, too, but you’ll see the fins actually split apart slightly. So it goes into kind of like a warp mode, and from my perspective, all of those things add a level of interest and … design to the whole process and make it so much more fun to work on every aspect of the process of the Star Trek world.

When you are on the Enterprise, you got to see a lot of the Enterprise. You can set different moments in the movie and different places— … the engineering room or corridor or medical bay—so that you feel the enormous extent of the Enterprise. …

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Aerial Video of San Antonio Tea Party…Spendulus voting GOP Critter booed at AZ Tea Party…


From sateaparty:

Only 4000 people….yeah right. The people at the “Excuse-News” need to learn how to count, along with the rest of the main stream media.

Here GOP Critter John  Shadegg learns firsthand this was NOT a GOP rally it was an anti spending anti big government rally and the folks in Arizona let him know they did NOT appreciate him voting for the Spendulus….

Courtesy of WeAreChangeAZ:

H.R.1424 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 John Shadegg Voted “Aye” (against party) need I say more… Throw all the bums out! FreedomsPhoenix.com

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