Cubs Fans Cemetery Opens…


wow! Darren Rovell reports on why Cubs fans really are diehards:

Two years ago, when Dennis Mascari went to visit his father at a cemetery, he came up with an idea: Build an area for deceased Cubs fans.

Mascari, who said he was broke at the time, made this his mission, and tomorrow his company Fans Forever will open Beyond the Vines, an internment area modeled after Wrigley Field’s centerfield wall.

“The goal was to try and take away some of the gloominess and depression from a cemetery visit,” Mascari told me.

…Mascari bought plots at the Bohemian National Cemetery on Chicago’s North side. He then built a red-brick wall modeled after the one that stands in centerfield at Wrigley Field. The structure includes a stained glass scoreboard….


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Market Mover: Financials lead the way down..the Bear strikes back…


As analysts look deeper into BofA and CITI earnings, the markets are tanking…

DOW down 228 to 7903

S &P down 28 to 841

NAS down 56 to 1616

Financials leading the way down, partly on one time boosts to their earnings in these reports, ie credit spreads created a one time gain, David Faber had an excellent analysis on CNBC, I will get it up shortly..


“We continue to face extremely difficult challenges, primarily from deteriorating credit quality driven by weakness in the economy and growing unemployment,” Lewis said in a statement. In a conference call, Lewis also said that “credit is bad and will get worse,” and that he wouldn’t “hazard a guess when credit will improve.

Bank of America said losses from mortgages and other consumer debt caused nonperforming assets to surge 41 percent during the quarter to $25.74 billion, while the $13.38 billion set aside for bad loans rose 57 percent from the fourth quarter.

Results also included $4.1 billion of one-time gains.

Net income applicable to common shareholders of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America rose to $2.81 billion, or 44 cents per share, from $1.02 billion, or 23 cents, a year earlier.

Net revenue more than doubled to $35.76 billion. Excluding one-time items, profit was 17 cents per share, according to Reuters Estimates. Analysts expected 4 cents.

Before the impact of preferred stock dividends, net income more than tripled to $4.25 billion from $1.21 billion.

And guess what? Merrill made the money this quarter for BofA:

About 86 percent of earnings came from contributions from Merrill, while just $583 million came from Bank of America.

Results also reflected the mid-2008 purchase of Countrywide Financial, once the largest U.S. mortgage lender.

Also Bloomberg notes Summers and Emanuel say no more financial aid needed for banks, guess why? CAUSE NO WAY IN HELL WILL CONGRESS VOTE ANY MORE TARP , thank you Tea Parties yes they help damn straight, of course the Administration PR war on the financials gave the Administration no other option…


President Obama’s top economic advisers have determined that they can shore up the nation’s banking system without having to ask Congress for more money any time soon, according to administration officials.

In a significant shift, White House and Treasury Department officials now say they can stretch what is left of the $700 billion financial bailout fund further than they had expected a few months ago, simply by converting the government’s existing loans to the nation’s 19 biggest banks into common stock…

NYT floating a trail balloon for Team TOTUS, one in which they take COMMON STOCK in exchange for their PREFERRED SHARES, hey I thought the banks didnt NEED more money, why not let them pay it back then? cough cough…

Also of note, the new war on credit cards from Team TOTUS and Critters on the Hill..

HILLARIOUS!!! The FED ALREADY addressed ALL these issues and in 2010 they will go into effect, which Congress had no problem with last year… But everyone hates the credit card companies aka BANKS, so let’s refocus to target them…TSK TSK..

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4/18 Bucks County, PA Tea Party at Washington Crossing…

Courtesy of  DanAmato:

National Anthem by Thomas Bethman III, Pledge of Allegiance, Speeches by Kelly Unger, Dan Worden and Ilka Werner

Bucks County, PA held a Tea Party at the site where Washington crossed the Delaware called Washington Crossing on April 18, 2009
1500-2000 people attended the rally.

This is Part 1 of 4

Organized by: Anastastia Przybylski and Mariann Davies of
Video Editing by: Dan Amato of
Video Shot by: Ruth Miller of

Speech by Jeff McGeary

Completion of Speech by Jeff McGeary, “You Raise Me Up” by Thomas Bethman III, Violin solo of “God Bless The USA” by Brendan Leary

Speeches by CJ Davies, “God Bless America” by Elizabeth Allen, closing by Gary R’nel and closing thanks from Anastastia Przybylski and Mariann Davies

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