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Based on the review I will NOT be ordering the digital download, I’m still pixxed at RDM and DE for that BS ending to BSG..WTH was that with Starbuck?! What a cop out that ending was…anywho here is what another fan had to say after watching Caprica, for THIS we lost Starbuck? Bogus man….

From a Lanie Grace commenter Scott:

A spoiled rich, angsty, teen drama queen is really a super genius that does what billions in research couldn’t: creates a viable AI. In her spare time that isn’t spent hanging out with the “one true god” cult.

“One true god” cult member decides to blow up train without letting her know, perhaps trying to spare us from any more of her screen presence. But no, we aren’t quite that lucky. Because we still have the Emo Princess avatar which is just as identically annoying in every way.

Then we have some unknown leaps in ill-logic after daddy discovers the Avatar, which you can interact with in virtual world so perfect everything seems real, but that isn’t good enough. It would apparently be much better to Hug a Giant Killer robot body. So he has Adama arrange theft (apparently crime lords will turn on their own friends if you simply agree to talk to someone they are going to have killed) of a chip which for some unknown reason is expected to be compatible with both the avatar software and the Killer Robot body.

Luckily we are spared that embrace because again for some unknown reason it all goes badly and robot falls down, goes boom. Mercifully daddy super computer genius also forgot about making a backup. Bye bye Emo Avatar?

But wait Killer robot is back and is really uber in his killage… and, Oh Noes!, it has angsty emo princess voice as it calls up cult member friend, presumably to go to the mall in next episode because all her old shoes won’t fit anymore.

I can’t wait for the next episode of “Emo Princess killer robot”: Shoe Shopping.

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  1. nothingcreated replied:

    to Lanie Grace commenter Scott:
    I can’t wait to watch you’re awesome show!!!!
    Where is it again?

    I personally like it alot. If you like Sci-fi dramas this one has started very well.


  2. Matt replied:

    Did anyone else expect Mary Stuart Masterson to be driving the Limo for Eric Stoltz?


    • ginaswo replied:


      I can never see Stoltz without thinking of her playing drums, BWAAAHAAAAA


  3. New movies replied:

    I was very surprised when i saw Caprica. It can be a really quality new TV show. Time will show:)


    • ginaswo replied:

      thanks everyone for the feedback, I will check Caprica out!!! :0)


  4. Thumbu replied:

    My partner at TubaTV felt similarly about the copout ending of BSG, but has better things to say about Caprica (“Caprica seems invested in relatively more mundane questions about the radical distinction between physis and techne, for instance, or about what constitutes human subjectivity, or the limits of the corporeal, perception, presence. It also offers some fresh, accessible reflection on the re/production and fragmentation of identity in the age of digital reproduction. Its fantasy of digitization carried to its limit — ie, the perfect reproducibility of bio-electric processes — poses some provocative questions about the structures of human subjectivity and affect.”)

    So, maybe Ronald D. Moore might redeem himself in the new series.


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