TSCC: Terminator Season 3 WB Negotiation…

Also from Lanie, HILLARIOUS TSCC Virgin1 promo:

“If loving a robot is wrong, he don’t wanna be right”
Promo from UK channel Virgin 1 for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles shown during valentines week


Lanie Grace has the scoop!! EW stole it, but Lanie was the first to report…

I have heard from two separate sources, one from WB and the other over at NBC Universal the parent company of SciFi that for the past couple of months that Halcyon and Warner Brothers have been quietly shopping TSCC around…

…The sticking point in the negotiation is that Scfi wants some creative control on the direction of The Chronicles. SciFi as well as many inside WB believe that TSCC is aimed at too specialized an audience and is  highly serialized to the point of hurting the show. Basically the way things are now you have to see every episode to follow it and it plays to a select audience. Josh Freidman the show runner has fought WB and FOX on this very point several times through the life of TSCC.

SciFi wants to develop the show into a more episodic series therefore potentially opening up the show to a desperately needed larger audience….

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  2. ginaswo replied:

    really?! well hell ET picked up her WB piece, lol!!!
    maybe I should try calling Halcyon maybe they will give me a scoop, lol


  3. Zeik K. replied:

    God I hated Lanie Grace when she was a reporter at CBS 2 in LA. They got rid of her and brought in her identical twin Sharon Tay. As was said in the post “Just as identically annoying”.

    This chick was a stone cold psycho chasing down deadbeat child support dads, Dog the Bounty Hunter Style like they were America’s Most Wanted a couple of years ago and now she is writing movie reviews.

    Gimme a break, what a loser


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