X-Men Origins: Wolverine World Premiere in Tempe, AZ; more Tickets available!!!

Awesome! the film will be shown on ALL 16 SCREENS at Harkins Cine-Capri at Tempe Marketplace!!!

See you in line Friday night for Saturday morning free ticket distribution!!! And see you next Monday to see Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber and the cast on the Red Carpet…


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Unemployment Update: Emergency Benefit Triggers by State..

Thanks to a canny commenter, we are posting Emergency Unemployment here, and Extended Triggers on a separate post….confusing it is, corrected am I. Thank you Yoda! still cannot get DOL to give a clear concise differentiation of the benefits on their website…I will keep trying!


EUC 2008 TRIGGER NOTICE NO. 2009 – 14
Effective April 19, 2009


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Unemployment Update: State Extended Benefit Trigger Notice Effective 4/19…

Latest Trigger Notice for Extended Benefits by state eff 4/19/09. Please note, this is different from the Trigger Notice with Emergency Benefits Trigger by State. That is a different file and we will post that separately….

DOL: Extended Benefits are available to workers who have exhausted regular unemployment insurance benefits during periods of high unemployment. The basic Extended Benefits program provides up to 13 additional weeks of benefits when a State is experiencing high unemployment. Some States have also enacted a voluntary program to pay up to 7 additional weeks (20 weeks maximum) of Extended Benefits during periods of extremely high unemployment.

Via DOL: click on link below to view full chart, it is too wide for posting….


Effective April 19, 2009


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UK Annual Budget raises record deficit and increases taxes on income over $217k to 50%….

Neither a borrower nor a lender be, do not forget, stay out of debt! ….I learned it from Gilligan, our pols could take a lesson or two from Maryanne and the Skipper as well…

The UK’s top financial official unveils the annual budget and some better (perhaps they mean bitter!) news for the pound. The UK Chancellor plans record deficit and tax rises amid recession. (Bloomberg News)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Horror YARM: Elm St remake to star TSCC’s Thomas Dekker, final negotiations underway…

This has been floating around for a bit, but apparently final negotiation is now underway with Dekker. I hope so. That would at last give me a reason to plunk down cash to see the film

WTH is happening in Hollywood? Lack of creativity? How many YARMS (yet another remake) do we have to endure?

And how do you remake WES CRAVEN well? I don’t want Lucas-esque remakes of films already done perfectly!! did they learn nada from the sequels? havent they seen Scream? lol..

Maybe it will totally diverge from  what came before it, yet stay true to the popular cultural elements, as the JJ Abrams Trek is supposed to do very well…

And now a scene from the classic replete with Johnny Depp:

They put out great creative writing on TSCC on FOX and then try to kill it and the best they can do big screen is rehashing all the old classics…..pretty sad Writers Guild…


Word on the street — Elm street, to be exact — is that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker is in “final negotiations” to join the cast of Platinum Dunes’ A Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

The report comes from horror site Shock Till You Drop, which adds that Dekker will play a character named Jesse, “a jock on the swim team,” if cast. Watchmen‘s Jackie Earle Haley and The Haunting in Connecticut‘s Kyle Gallner have already signed on for the film, which will offer up a fresh take on the tale of the peerless Freddy Krueger..

The entire New Line classic Wes Craven film is up courtesy of PAPARAW:

Part 1 of 12

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Legend Of The Seeker – Exclusive – Riding High- and the Winner of the Confessor and Seeker Society’s 2009 Richard Night Video Challenge…

Legend Of The Seeker – Exclusive – Riding High at Legend of the Seeker – For more News visit http://www.sword-of-truth.com; courtesy of Cadinos

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and the Winner of the Confessor and Seeker Society’s 2009 Richard Night Video Challenge

Created by Truth courtesy of  TooBright88

~Winner of the Confessor and Seeker Society’s 2009 Richard Night Video Challenge~
(Thank you to all who voted! 🙂 )

Song: ‘Blow Me Away’

Artist: Breaking Benjamin

Description: A kick ass song for a kick ass hero. This is about Richard accepting his destiny as the Seeker as he takes up the Sword of Truth and fights for what is right, despite all that is against him and his mission. It shows the perils of his position, how he faces death every time he battles evil – but it also shows that he will indeed save us all as he refuses to back down and give up.

Check us (them)  out: kahlanrichardlots.proboards.com

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Inside GE’s Shareholder Meeting – CNBC.com

couldnt happen to a nicer guy, that rat frakker..even SHAREHOLDERS are PIXXED about the BIAS on NBC MSNBC

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here we see Jeff Immelt and his NBC chief Jeff Zucker in a stare down over which one will bring the  kool aid doped cheese over to CNBC this time…

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Video Update: GM CFO Ray Young says co won’t make June 1st $1Billion debt repayment…

Update 2: CNBC’s Phil LeBeau

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Update: Bloomberg:

General Motors Corp., trying to avoid a U.S.-backed bankruptcy on June 1, may close plants and scrap models as much as four years sooner than planned to lower its break-even point, people familiar with the effort said….

…The new plan may require GM to complete many of the reductions in models and dealers planned by 2014 as soon as next year, allowing earlier plant and job reductions, people briefed on the talks said. GM said March 31 that by 2014 it would trim dealers to 4,100 from 6,122, nameplates to 36 from 43, and U.S. assembly capacity to 2 million vehicles from 2.8 million.

The bond offer may include some framework of GM’s plan to cut $20.4 billion in obligations to a United Auto Workers union- run retiree-medical fund by more than half, two of the people said. The bond offer may disclose what portion, if any, of U.S. loans would be converted to equity, one person said.

–the flintstones car at the new york international auto show–

Breaking from WSJ on CNBC Chyron…

This is in addition to GM CEO Fritz Henderson commenting bankruptcy more likely…

they are really putting the hammer down on the bondholders..were I they, I would NOT cut a deal, I would wait for my bankruptcy judge, but the pundits say a MI bankruptcy judge will be under HUGE political pressure to wipe the bondholders out anyway…

say hello to Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman’s Little Friend..a Flintstone mobile, perhaps all we will be allowed to purchase until they reinvent the wheel..

A vehicle that meets Waxman/Pelosi emission standards

A vehicle that meets Waxman/Pelosi emission standards

We will then get sued by people behind us as our feet produce a cloud of dust they can claim MIGHT somehow damage them as a pollutant…

Good Grief….

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