Video Update: Housing: Existing Home Sales Drop 3% in March….

Update: We STILL have a 9.5 month supply of homes, I do NOT agree this is a bottom, as UE goes up, and the foreclosure moratoriums end, the supply continues to grow. But to be fair here is the other side, second clip below, also if you need to refi or modify, check out the website here: NAR clip number 3, recall the NAR is in business to increase home sales, LOL, talk about a rosy view…

Breaking CNBC Chryon..

This comes after a bump up in sales in February, which some had hoped signalled a bottom and a resurgence in Spring Home sales…

March existing home sales fall 3% to an annual rate of 4.57 million…..

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  1. krsnakhandelwal replied:

    The economy wouldbeon recovery path and housing sales will not matter asmuch now as before as the toxic assets of bankswill no more remain toxic after some time.


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